It’s not just about American series – one should never underestimate the quality of foreign tv series, not only European but also Asian series are unbelievably good. We will select the finest work of international television. Here the new releases on TV or out on DVD/Blu-ray. Also release dates of upcoming detectives, thrillers, comedy and dramaseries.

Foreign television by country – Top Foreign TV Series

From the most interesting countries we shall discuss the world’s best series.


From downunder there have appeared a few series that have gained international fame and airtime. Here is our selection of the finest. Older ones, and new series for 2012/2013.

– Best Australian series- Top TV of Australia

America – The United States

For those living outside of the states, the US is naturally also foreign. The majority of our articles actually concern American television. Check out the latest and upcoming releases.

– New American tv shows


Denmark is famous for its police series and thriller series. And quite rightly so. Instead of a list of the entire history of Danish television, we have chosen to have a look at the upcoming Danish tv series. In our opinion, Denmark is the best country in the world when it comes to foreign tv series.

– Best new Danish series in 2015 


We all know that France is mainly known for its movies, but recently it has also started producing critically acclaimed tv series. Mainly French drama series and police series, but in 2013 it has released a very surprising dark & scary horror sci-fi series name ‘The Returned’. In 2015 France once again produced a new hit. Read about it in:

Best French tv series  up to 2015


Also a great country for crime thrillers, Swedish tv series. Very often it produces, together with other Scandinavian production companies, the greatest detectives and police series. Last year it also received attention for the popular Swedish Sci-fi series Real Humans.

Best Swedish series 2015