Best new Finnish TV Shows in 2018 & 2017 (Netflix & TV List)

The Vore's TV staff selects the top best Finnish TV series of 2019 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Henrik Björn, Timo Varpio & Leo Kunnas Finland's best creators?

Finland is not known for their television series, but shows like Pasila (2007) and Roba (2012) are well worth your time if you’re into Scandinavic movies. Here’s what’s interesting.

New Finnish TV series in 2018

Top series up for release in 2018

  • Deadwind

    CAST: Pihla Viitala, Lauri Tilkanen, Tommi Korpela

    Findland's Deadwind is the perfection combination of personal life problems and police work. Sofia Karppi is in the middle of processing her husband's death when the body of a young girl is... Read more

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Best Finnish TV series of 2017

Top rated 2017 Finnish TV series

Best Finnish TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2019

2010's best rated Finnish TV series out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  • Pasila

    CREATOR: Atte Järvinen
    CAST: Jani Volanen Kari Hietalahti Juho Milonoff

    An animated sitcom about the police in Helsinki. Read more

    RATING: 85/100

    RELEASE DATE: February 17th, 2007

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  • Roba

    CREATOR: Timo Varpio
    CAST: Kari Hietalahti Leena Pöysti Rauno Ahonen

    A police series. Read more

    RATING: 75/100

    RELEASE DATE: October 1st, 2012

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  • Raid

    CREATOR: Tapio Piirainen
    CAST: Kai Lehtinen Oiva Lohtander Mari Rantasila

    A hard-nosed hit man, Raid, returns to his home countryFinland, where he is asked to investigate the arson case involving his old girlfriend Tarja. Read more

    RATING: 72/100

    RELEASE DATE: January 10th, 2005

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