Best new French TV Shows in 2024 & 2023 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & TV List)

List of the latest French TV series in 2024 on tv and the best French TV series of 2023 & the 2010's. Top French TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now.

New French TV series in 2024

Top series up for release in 2024

  • La Cage

    CREATOR: Franck Gastambide
    CAST: Franck Gastambide, Melvin Boomer & Georges St-Pierre
    The life of a cage fighter is not an easy one. In this biographical sports drama, MMA fighters train themselves for the ultimate matches of strength and skill. Trapped within a cage, they throw punches and kicks for the chance to be crowned the champion of this brutal sport. Who will come out on top? This thrilling sports Netflix TV series comes from director Franck Gastambide (Medellin, Validé) and will feature such legendary sports figures as Ciryl Gane (Den of Thieves 2: Pantera), Saladine Parnasse, Morgan Charrière, Abdoul Abdouraguimov, Taylor Lapilus, Ramzan Jembiev, Anissa Meksen, Bilel Jkitou, Souleymane Cissokho, and Samy Sana. Watch the trailer of La Cage

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  • The Plague

    CREATOR: Gilles Taurand
    CAST: Frédéric Pierrot, Hugo Becker & Sofia Essaïdi
    In the dystopian future of 2029, humanity’s survival seems bleak amid the problems regarding health. COVID is starting to die down, but something far more deadly is heading for the immune system. With this plague being even more deadly than the last, it’s uncertain whether the human race will continue on from this catastrophic outbreak. This dramatic TV series set in a bleak future was directed by Antoine Garceau (Greek Salad) and written by Georges-Marc Benamou (The Last Mitterrand) and Gilles Taurand (Wild Reeds), starring Aleksandra Yermak, Sofia Essaïdi, Hugo Becker, Elias Hauter, Johan Heldenbergh, Pascale Arbillot, and Judith Chemla. Read more

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Best French TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ or DVD in 2024

2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 & the 2010's best rated French TV series out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu).
  • Liaison

    CREATOR: Virginie Brac
    CAST: Vincent Cassel, Eva Green & Peter Mullan
    Created by Virginie Brac (Cheyenne & Lola, Insoupçonnable), this engrossing thriller is one with a firm focus on the past and future. Several characters deal with problems of the past that continue to haunt them in the present. If they don’t deal with it in the present, they may not be able to face the future as the stakes grow higher in this nail-biting thriller saga. Written by Oliver Butcher and directed by Stephen Hopkins, this mysterious thriller stars the talents of Daniel Francis, Eva Green, Vincent Cassel, Lyna Dubarry, Aziz Dyab, Olivia Popica, Laëtitia Eïdo, Christopher Sciueref, and Naomi Yang. Watch the trailer of Liaison

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  • Marie Antoinette

    CREATOR: Deborah Davis
    CAST: Emilia Schüle, Louis Cunningham & Jack Archer
    As the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette was certainly an iconic historical figure. Her rise and fall are portrayed in this biographical period piece that tracks her legacy. Everything from her ascension to power to the chaos of the French Revolution are covered in this sprawling historical epic that is jammed packed with juicy drama and tension. Audiences will discover just how provocative she was and how far she fell when angering the populace. Created by Deborah Davis (The Favourite), this decadent costume drama stars Emilia Schüle, Louis Cunningham, Jack Archer, Jasmine Blackborow, Marthe Keller, and Crystal Shepherd-Cross. Watch the trailer of Marie Antoinette

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  • Les papillons noirs

    CREATOR: Bruno Merle
    CAST: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Niels Arestrup & Axel Granberger
    The retired Albert Desiderio is thinking about turning his life into a memoir. To document his life’s work, he seeks a novelist. As Albert reveals all, however, he reveals that a darker part of his history centers around the life of a serial killer in the 1970s. Romance and violence are divulged in this thrilling recollection of the past loaded with crime, mystery, and drama. Created by Olivier Abbou (Get In, Territories) and Bruno Merle (Felicità), the series stars the talents of Nicolas Duvauchelle, Niels Arestrup, Alyzée Costes, Alice Belaïdi, Sami Bouajila, Brigitte Catillon, Marie Denarnaud, and Lola Créton. Watch the trailer of Les papillons noirs

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  • Irma Vep

    CREATOR: Olivier Assayas
    CAST: Alicia Vikander, Jeanne Balibar & Vincent Macaigne
    The American movie star finds herself growing bitter and disillusioned with the world. A recent breakup has made her realize that her career in acting is not as glamorous as it once was. Seeking a change of scenery, she takes off for France to act as Irma Vep in the remake of Les Vampires. But when a crime enters the picture, Mira finds herself unable to tell her role from reality as the lines between her stage life and personal life begin to blur. Based on the movie by Olivier Assayas, this dramatic comedy series is also helmed by Olivier Assayas and features a cast that includes Alicia Vikander, Vincent Macaigne, Adria Arjona, Byron Bowers, Jeanne Balibar, Vincent Lacoste, and Nora Hamzawi. Watch the trailer of Irma Vep

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  • Moloch

    CREATOR: Arnaud Malherbe
    CAST: Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet & Arnaud Valois
    Some strange things have been going on around an industrial seaside town. People have just started bursting into flames and nobody can figure out why this is happening. Were these a series of murders or just a rash of suicides? Were the fires of this world or some strange paranormal occurrence? The young journalist Louise and psychiatrist Gabriel are hoping to find an answer as they open an investigation into this weird rash of fiery violence. This dark mixture of crime and fantasy stars Olivier Gourmet, Marine Vacth, and Marc Zinga. Watch the trailer of Moloch

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  • Osmosis

    CREATOR: Audrey Fouché
    CAST: Hugo Becker, Agathe Bonitzer & Yuming Hey
    The future of Paris has transformed the romantic process of seeking your soulmate. Thanks to advanced technologies, the human brain is now scanned and analyzed by a dating application to match up singles based on this data. Though this form of dating seems far more advanced and scientific, the applicants may not truly be ready to experience true love from such an app. Created by Audrey Fouché, this romantic sci-fi saga stars Agathe Bonitzer, Hugo Becker, and Gaël Kamilindi. Watch the trailer of Osmosis

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  • Lupin

    CREATOR: George Kay
    CAST: Omar Sy, &
    Based on the classic French literary character, this series focuses on the gentleman thief antics of one Arsène Lupin. Though devoted to stirring up the public and swiping the most valuable of valuables, Lupin is also on a quest to avenge his father and uncover the truth that has led to sullying his name by a wealthy and corrupt family. This modern revision of caper thrills stars the likes of Vincent Londez, Shirine Boutella, Nicole Garcia. Watch the trailer of Lupin

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  • Peur sur le lac

    CREATOR: Jérôme Cornuau
    CAST: Juliette Plumecocq-Mech, Julie de Bona & Lannick Gautry
    Peur sur du lac or Fear by the Lake is a new French thriller series about a mysterious and mortally contagious virus that threatens the population of Annecy. A race against the clock envelops. Where does it come from and how to stop it? Watch the trailer of Peur sur le lac

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  • Le Bazar de la Charité

    CREATOR: Catherine Ramberg
    CAST: Audrey Fleurot, Camille Lou & Josiane Balasko
    In 1897 Paris, a devastating fire at the Bazar de la Charité killed 126 people. After the tragic event, the upper class Adrienne de Lenverpré (Audrey Fleurot) hopes to flee from her marriage presidency-seeking husband, Marc-Antoine de Lenverpré (Gilbert Melki). Also followed after the fire are Adrienne's niece, Alice de Jeansin, and her close maidservant, Rose Rivière. The series revolves around the dramatic aftermath of the fire and how these three women proceed with their lives. Watch the trailer of Le Bazar de la Charité

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  • Mortel

    CREATOR: Frédéric Bélier-Garcia
    CAST: Carl Malapa, Némo Schiffman, Manon Bresch
    High school students Sofiane and Victor find themselves desperate enough to solve the murder of Sofiane's brother, Reda, that they dip into the supernatural. They form a pact with the voodoo god Obé in hopes of learning the truth. Obé grants them the ability to both manipulate people and read their minds. They must remain close, however, for these powers to work. But when they need to be rid of Obé, they enlist the help of the voodoo-practicing Luisa to free them. Watch the trailer of Mortel

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  • Marianne

    CREATOR: Samuel Bodin
    CAST: Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, Tiphaine Daviot, Ralph Amoussou
    Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois) is a young novelist who specializes in writing horror stories. Fiction meets reality, however, when she discovers the characters she writes in her books end up becoming real. Though she has decided to stop writing horror, she finds herself returning to her hometown when the evil spirit Marianne that haunts her nightmares takes shape in reality to bring terror and horror to the residents. An investigation is soon under way to get to the bottom of this supernatural horror. Watch the trailer of Marianne

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  • La Mante

    CREATOR: Alice Chegaray-Breugnot
    CAST: Frédérique Bel, Carole Bouquet & Fred Testot
    There are not many shows about female serial killers, so that is always a treat. In La Mante, the nickname of the female imprisoned serial killer, she decides to collaborate with the police when a copycat appears killing in her style. Watch the trailer of La Mante

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  • La Forêt

    CREATOR: Delinda Jacobs
    CAST: Samuel Labarthe, Suzanne Clément & Alexia Barlier
    A French Netflix thriller production about a teen who disappears in her small village in the Ardennes. Two detectives lead the investigation. They are helped by Eve, the girl's lonely and mysterious teacher. Watch the trailer of La Forêt

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  • The Crimson Rivers

    CREATOR: Mathieu Kassovitz
    CAST: Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte &
    Les rivières pourpres created by Jean-Christophe Grangé is yet another succesfull French detective series. It's about a bizarre series of murders, a stubborn investigator duo and a lot of bodies. Watch the trailer of The Crimson Rivers

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  • Maroni

    CREATOR: Aurélien Molas
    CAST: Stéphane Caillard, Adama Niane, Issaka Sawadogo, Jérémie Laheurte
    Stéphane Caillard, the Marseilles star, is a police offer investigating a murder and a kidnapping in the heart of French Guinea. A thriller set in the jungle, including... Watch the trailer of Maroni

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  • Braquo

    CREATOR: Olivier Marchal
    CAST: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher
    Most often described as the French ‘The Wire’ (HBO), Braquo is indeed remarkably dark and violent, but like the other French police show on this list, Engrenages, also goes into the specifics of law-enforcement. It follows a unit of Parisian detectives who without hesitating circumvent the law, and let nobody get in their way to achieve justice. The series starts when one of their colleagues commits suicide because of something to do with a case. They sink their teeth into it and do not let go. It is definitely one of the better European television series out there. RATING: 81/100

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  • Engrenages

    CREATOR: Alexandra Clert, Guy-Patrick Sainderichin
    CAST: Caroline Proust, Audrey Fleurot, Thierry Godard
    One of Europe’s top television series. It was already released in 2005, but it remains incredibly popular. Engrenages ('Spiral') is about the judicial and law-enforcement system of France. The viewer follows follows the day-to-day activities of police detectives, lawyers, public prosecutors and judges. In a sense it is like Law & Order, with the exception that it is actually any good. RATING: 85/100

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  • Unité 9

    CREATOR: Danielle Trottier
    CAST: Ève Landry, Guylaine Tremblay, François Papineau, Émilie Bibeau
    Follows a French Canadian woman going to jail for 7 years for pushing her father down the stairs. As the story unfolds we get to see how this all came about and the reasons behind it. The story follows the woman in jail as well as her family on the outside. RATING: 78/100

    Watch the trailer of Unité 9

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  • 19-2

    CREATOR: Réal Bossé, Claude Legault
    CAST: Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso & Benz Antoine
    The Story revolves around two beat cops who are incompatible with each other but have to work together as a patrol unit in district 19 downtown in cruiser no.2. RATING: 87/100

    Watch the trailer of 19-2

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  • Le Bureau des Légendes

    CREATOR: Eric Rochant
    CAST: Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau & Pauline Étienne
    After having worked in Syria for six year, an intelligence officer can't seem to switch his secret identity off - not even when he's back in France. Very good show! RATING: 82/100

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  • Glacé: The Frozen Dead

    CREATOR: Gérard Carré, Pascal Chaumeil, Caroline Van Ruymbeke
    CAST: Charles Berling, Julia Piaton & Nina Meurisse
    A small town in the French town in the French Pyrenees is the topic of investigation after a horrific discovery of a hidden for years mystery. RATING: 61/100

    Watch the trailer of Glacé: The Frozen Dead

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  • Twice Upon a Time

    CREATOR: Nathalie Leuthreau
    CAST: Gaspard Ulliel, Freya Mavor & Patrick d'Assumçao
    Months after a crushing breakup, a man receives a mysterious package that opens a portal to the past -- and gives him a chance to win back his ex. Read more

    Watch the trailer of Twice Upon a Time

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In France, people no longer look down on television. The French have created a few great series like Spiral, for instance, but since The Returned they have really kicked off. Below, our pick of France’s finest.

I do not have to tell you that the French have a thing for cinema. But now, although for a long time frowned upon, they also have a thing for scripted television shows. Next to great crime and police series in the 00’s, a number of hit French tv series have been produced in the 10’s that will blow you away. Most recently the Canal + 2013 French horror series ‘The Returned’ conquered the world, including the US via the Sundance Channel, but more good new series are coming our way in 2014. Here a top list of all the recent best French tv shows you should know.