Funniest new Comedy TV Shows in 2018 & 2017 (Netflix & TV List)

The Vore's TV staff selects the top best comedy TV series of 2019 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Stephen Levinson, Will Forte & Doug Ellin our new Comedy genre creators?

Comedy doesn’t seem to get old. Sitcoms stay sitcoms, but the genre has grown into an interesting one thanks to series like Nurse Jackie, Louie and Togetherness. Hooray for comedy.

American comedy series may have a long, diverse and interesting history, but the modern connotation anno 2014 is not a very good one. It is primarily associated with pre-baked, predictable dialogues, hideous laugh tracks, flat archetypical characters and stories that will surprise nor entertain the slightest bit. Cheers, Married with Children and King of the Hill may bring about warm memories, but once taste buds have succumbed to a slightly higher standard many viewers leave behind the genre, probably forever.

New comedy TV series in 2018

Top series up for release in 2018

  • Here and Now

    CREATOR: Alan Ball
    CAST: Holly Hunter, Sosie Bacon & Avynn Crowder-Jones

    Here and Now is a dark comedy created by Alan Bell about family made up of three adopted children from different countries. When one of them starts seeing things that the others cannot their... Read more

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  • LA to Vegas

    CREATOR: Lon Zimmet
    CAST: Peter Stormare, Nathan Lee Graham & Olivia Macklin

    Every underdog hopes to turn his luck around in the casino. LA to Vegas is about the flight from La to the Casino Capital of America - a flight full of fortune seekers. Read more

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  • Grown-ish

    CREATOR: Kenya Barris & Larry Wilmore
    CAST: Yara Shahidi, Deon Cole & Trevor Jackson

    A spinoff of ABC's comedy "Black-ish," about Zoey Johnson. This time she has to struggle with sex, drugs & relationships while in college. Read more

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  • Everything Sucks

    CREATOR: Ben York Jones & Michael Mohan
    CAST: Patch Darragh, Peyton Kennedy & Jahi Di'Allo Winston

    A 1990's high school in Oregon and the competition between two crews - the AV Club and the Drama club. This teen comedy is looking great. Read more

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Best comedy TV series of 2017

Top rated 2017 comedy TV series

  • I’m Dying Up Here

    CREATOR: David Flebotte
    CAST: Melissa Leo Michael Angarano Al Madrigal

    Let's go back to the 70's. A comedy club owner looks after her up-and-coming comics with tough love. Notable fact: The dramedy is created by Jim Carrey for Showtime. Read more

    RATING: /100

    RELEASE DATE: June 4th, 2017

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  • Friends from College

    CREATOR: Francesca Delbanco, Nicholas Stoller
    CAST: Annie Parisse Hector Lincoln Rachel Resheff

    This Netflix original has got a pretty cool and recognizable premise: A group of friends who used to go to Harvard together must come to terms with what they have achieved so far. Something made a lot more difficult because of the sudden success of one of them. Read more

    RATING: 80/100

    RELEASE DATE: January 18th, 2017

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  • Room 104

    CREATOR: Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
    CAST: Karan Soni Jenny Leonhardt Davie-Blue

    An anthology show created by the Duplass Brothers (Togetherness) with stories that happen in the same room of the same airport hotel. Read more

    RATING: 80/100

    RELEASE DATE: January 18th, 2017

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Best comedy TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2019

2010's best rated comedy TV series out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  • It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

    CREATOR: Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney
    CAST: Charlie Day Glenn Howerton Rob McElhenney

    Often described as ” Seinfeld on crack” , 'It’s always sunny' is yet another hommage to the manchild. Four guys and a girl hide away from maturity and boredom by running a bar in Philadelphia. An atypical sitcom,not surprisingly gaining a cult following. Danny DeVito stars brigthfully – not something any movie star can say after saying ‘yes’ to a comedy (James Belushi anyone?). Although not as sharp or edgy as some of it’s peers in our opinion, the show added a valuable and entertaining piece to the pie. Read more

    RATING: 88/100

    RELEASE DATE: August 4th, 2005

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  • Louie

    CREATOR: Louis C.K.
    CAST: Louis C.K. Hadley Delany Ursula Parker

    Louie is a somewhat weird but fortunate hybrid: stand up comedy mixed with Woody Allen-like indie shots, omitting continuity and never giving a clear sense of the show is about. C.K ‘just doesn’t care’, stating that every episode has a goal of its own. The back and forthness doesn’t hurt the show one bit – you either love Louis C.K. or you don’t. If you do, Louie is brilliant TV show. Read more

    RATING: 86/100

    RELEASE DATE: June 29th, 2010

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  • Entourage

    CREATOR: Doug Ellin
    CAST: Kevin Connolly Adrian Grenier Kevin Dillon

    (Quite) loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s tenacious youth, Entourage follows a wolf pack of friends that has a movie star in it’s middle. The LA lifestyle they’ve acquired makes them surpass all the Hollywood-platitudes, yet the friendships last as they stumble through their money-loaded lives. Most of the characters remain cardboard-thick personalities, which, accompanied by the obligatory dialogues cause the series to be not as good as it could have been. Luckily, Entourage had Ari Gold, the hyper tensed and powerful movie agent that saves Entourage every season from becoming boring, or worse, not funny. Read more

    RATING: 85/100

    RELEASE DATE: July 18th, 2015

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  • Orange is the New Black

    CREATOR: Jenji Kohan
    CAST: Taylor Schilling Danielle Brooks Taryn Manning

    Piper Chopman, a pretty woman with a comfortable life, is sentenced to prison. A new life begins. Read more

    RATING: 83/100

    RELEASE DATE: July 11th, 2013

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  • Eastbound and Down

    CREATOR: Ben Best, Jody Hill, Danny McBride
    CAST: Danny McBride Steve Little Katy Mixon

    This show may be a first in its blatant brutality. If sex, drugs and cursing are all a go in a comedy then this is what happens: an incredible hilarious show that makes one wonder why it took so long to see something this funny. Danny McBride absolutely kills it as a childish and egotistical former baseball pitcher. Sailing the waters of faded glory with absolute style, he snorts and fucks his way up and down, assisted by the brilliant Steven Bernard. The scent of producer and co-actor Will Ferrell definitely comes up. Danny McBride might not have the range Ferrel has, but who really cares? Must watch! Read more

    RATING: 83/100

    RELEASE DATE: February 15th, 2009

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  • Weeds

    CREATOR: Jenji Kohan
    CAST: Mary-Louise Parker Hunter Parrish Alexander Gould

    Weeds can be described as a Breaking Bad-light, focusing on a broken family that survives on drug money, earned by mother slash semi-kingpin Nancy. Together with the brother of her late husband and her two sons, she tries to uphold her sub-urban lifestyle whilst dealing with ghetto-problems. The resulting shenanigans are a fun ride for about five seasons, after which the concept clearly has dried out leaving the remaining seasons and the aftermath nothing but sad. Mary-Louisa Parker is an absolute attraction, but Weeds also showed that nothing can last forever – or, in this case, eight seasons. Read more

    RATING: 80/100

    RELEASE DATE: August 7th, 2005

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  • Nurse Jackie

    CREATOR: Liz Brixius, Evan Dunsky, Linda Wallem
    CAST: Edie Falco Merritt Wever Paul Schulze

    After The Soprano’s, Edie Falco pledged to stay far away from anything mob related. Luckily, she did. As a pill-popping nurse that is, battling her addiction and the fights that need to be fought being a member of a middle class family. Drama and comedy are a tough mix to work out; Nurse Jackie brilliantly succeeds in keeping the genres well balanced. Falco’s character, Jackie, is an outstanding portrait of a harsh, deceptive and fearful person – flanked by the lovely Zoey (Merrit Weve) the chemistry between all actors is a delight. The show’s been thrown an awful lot of prices and awards, and rightfully so. Nurse Jackie is fun, unpredictable, and best of all, shows what a great actress Edie Falco is. Read more

    RATING: 77/100

    RELEASE DATE: June 8th, 2008

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  • Togetherness

    CREATOR: Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, Steve Zissis
    CAST: Mark Duplass Melanie Lynskey Amanda Peet

    Four adults living in L.A. try to keep it together. The Duplass brothers did an excellent job capturing thirty-somethings in L.A. and their hardships. Read more

    RATING: 75/100

    RELEASE DATE: January 11th, 2015

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  • Girls

    CREATOR: Lena Dunham
    CAST: Lena Dunham Allison Williams Jemima Kirke

    The self-reflecting twenty somethings and their screams into the world have become a definite category in film; Girls may very well be the series that defined its counterpart in the world of television. Writer and leading actor Lena Dunham bravely examines our generation’s fears and faults, not sparing herself (and her body) doing it. In terms of plotting, Girls is all over the place, which may be it’s weakness. It’s charm lies in recognition and the adaptation of the ‘four girls in New York’ concept to a more realistic and uncompromising setting. Read more

    RATING: 73/100

    RELEASE DATE: March 12th, 2012

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