Best new Swedish TV Shows (2017 list - TV & Netflix)

With shows like Bron/Broen (2011) and Real Humans (2012) Sweden showed the world how much they worth. Luckily, the list of good shows from Sweden continues to grow.
The Vore's TV staff selects the top best Swedish TV series of 2017 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Henrik Björn, Henning Mankell & Lars Lundström Sweden's best creators?

Swedish TV series2017
Popular actorsMoa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam & Richard Forsgren
Trending TV SeriesJordskott, Tjockare än vatten & Real Humans

2017 releases - most anticipated Swedish TV series to watch

    Saknad (Sunday January 1, 2017)

    Saknad tv poster Creator

    Helena Bergström
    Johan H:son Kjellgren
    Mattias Nordkvist

    Maje Silver, a Swedish police offer, returns to her old hometown to visit her daughter, but during her visit a horrible discovery shakes up the small community. ...Read more

    Innan vi dör (Sunday January 15, 2017)

    Innan vi dör tv poster Creator
    Maria Nordenberg
    Daniel Abreu
    Filip Benko
    Kola Krauze

    A Stockholm police officer works in an organized task force while her husband gets kidnapped, and her own son might even be involved. ...Read more

Best Swedish TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

Best Swedish TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Wallander (Friday January 14, 2005)

    Wallander tv poster Creator
    Henning Mankell
    Krister Henriksson
    Fredrik Gunnarsson
    Mats Bergman

    The TV series is an adaptation of Kurt Wallander novels written by Swedish novelist Henning Menkell that highlights the life and...Read more

    Real Humans (Sunday January 22, 2012)

    Real Humans tv poster Creator
    Lars Lundström
    Lisette Pagler
    Pia Halvorsen
    Johan Paulsen

    Real Humans is set in a near-future version of Sweden, where consumer-level robot workers and servants are common. These robots look like humans, act like humans and express human-like emotions. If focuses on the relationships real people form with robots and raises the obvious yet interesting question what it means to be human. Real Humans is a decent show, but can be a little soapy. Exploring futuristic themes does not necessary yield entertaining storylines, it appears. Husbands and wives feeling threatened in their sexuality by robots are fun though....Read more

    Solsidan (Friday January 29, 2010)

    Solsidan tv poster Creator
    Ulf Kvensler, Jacob Seth Fransson, Pontus Edgren
    Felix Herngren
    Mia Skäringer
    Johan Rheborg

    A dentist and his expecting girlfriend move into a chique neigborhood, where they befriend an neighbouring family. The differences prove to be big and hard to overcome....Read more

    Bron (Wednesday September 21, 2011)

    Bron tv poster Creator
    Hans Rosenfeldt
    Sofia Helin
    Rafael Pettersson
    Dag Malmberg

    A Danish/Swedish production that stepped out of The Killing‘s shadow and made the Scandinavian crime genre its own. Although its main characters might be more unusual, with the police woman being autistic, and with us getting to know more about their private lives than in The Killing, the show is actually a lot more conventionally a thriller show than you might think. In this sense it relies much heavier on the thrilling aspect, and less on the whodunnit aspect. The storyline itself, with as its starting point a dead body that is found exactly where Denmark and Sweden are bordering and forces the two countries to work together, has inspired several remakes. An US one with the Mexican and American police working together, and a British-French one (in the Canal Tunnel)....Read more

Sweden country statistics

Country popularity
Country ranking#13
Familiar facesMoa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam & Richard Forsgren
Trending showsJordskott, Tjockare än vatten & Real Humans
Amount of country shows per year from 2010 to 2017

15 Swedish TV series scheduled for release this year.

For a country with 9 million residents the amount of tv shows is rather surprising, and ever increasing. Most of them are crime and police shows.