Best new Bulgarian TV Shows (2017 list - TV & Netflix)

Below, you’ll find the best rated Bulgarian television series.
The Vore's TV staff selects the top best Bulgarian TV series of 2017 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Dimitar Mitovski, Ivan Spasov & Khristina Apostolova Bulgaria's best creators?

Bulgarian TV series2017
Popular actorsMihail Bilalov, Nikolay Ishkov & Lorina Kamburova
Trending TV SeriesLiaisons, Pod prikritie & Stolichani v poveche

2017 releases - most anticipated Bulgarian TV series to watch

    Zona (Sunday January 15, 2017)

    Zona tv poster Creator
    Alex Andreev

    The biggest thing coming from Bulgaria this year is it's co-production with Russia, which looks amazing. Not much more is known though besides that it appears to be a sci-fi show. Great photos have been released, that is all we know.
    ...Read more

Best Bulgarian TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

Best Bulgarian TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Pod prikritie (Sunday April 17, 2011)

    Pod prikritie tv poster Creator
    Dimitar Mitovski
    Vladimir Penev
    Ivaylo Zahariev
    Zachary Baharov

    A policeman is forced to go undercover into the organisation of a notorious mafia boss....Read more

    Stolichani v poveche (Wednesday March 23, 2011)

    Stolichani v poveche tv poster Creator
    Evtim Miloshev, Ivan Spasov, Khristina Apostolova
    Lyubomir Neikov
    Albena Pavlova
    Sylvia Loulcheva

    A very nice Bulgarian TV comedy-drama series....Read more

    Stuklen dom (Sunday April 11, 2010)

    Stuklen dom tv poster Creator

    Kalin Vrachanski
    Yavor Baharov
    Stefan Danailov

    The series follows the return of a young man in Bulgaria, only to find that is father is murdered and that the relationship with his family has become very complicated. ...Read more

    Fourth Estate (Sunday September 29, 2013)

    Fourth Estate tv poster Creator

    Atanass Atanassov
    Samuel Finzi
    Hristo Shopov

    A very interesting and exciting show about the dynamics within politics and journalism....Read more

    Revolution Z (Thursday October 25, 2012)

    Revolution Z tv poster Creator

    Julia Bocheva
    Ivan Ivanov
    Nikola Stoyanov

    A stubborn 16 year old boy has a lot to deal with: he has to look after his younger sister, has a depressed mother and wants to start a rock band with the girl he's in love with....Read more

    Liaisons (Wednesday June 3, 2015)

    Liaisons tv poster Creator
    Iordan Bankov (a.o.)
    Mihail Bilalov
    Nikolay Ishkov
    Lorina Kamburova

    A drama/comedy surrounding an architect, a marriage counselor and their family....Read more