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If there is one thing for certain it is that Foreign TV Series are finally getting more popular in the UK and in England. Especially the Scandinavian series are getting more and more recognition. Finally the films are actually broadcasted in the original language with added English subtitles. Of course, in the United States they still like to make their own remakes, but it will not take long until they will also realise that they can not actually improve the original versions. The Killing (Forbrydelsen) is just one out of many examples.

In our European Series section you can read about the best Series of the big Euroepan countries. In this section we shall play close attention to the smaller European, Eastern-European countries, and also to Foreign tv series from non-European countries.

We try to provide you with Foreign series with English subtitles. However, very often there are no subtitles availabe. In some cases it is also difficult to find trailers or some good footage. We, however, do our very best. If you have any suggestions, or know where to find a particular trailer feel free to let us know!

Best Foreign TV Series by country

The section has recently been opened. We will try to expand the amount of countries in the next couple of weeks!

Best Foreign TV Series

From our European Series section

We have of course already set up our Europe”s tv series section. Here you can read about the best series from France, England, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and many more. Check out our European TV Series by country.

Finnish TV Series – best of Finnish Television

One of the first countries we decided to learn more about was Finland. Very quickly we heard that there was not all that much to it. Except for one show. That one gets particular attention in our  – best Finnish TV Series

Norwegian TV Series – best Television from Norway

With Norway we were actually very pleasently surprised. Some of their series are absolutely hilarious. Other ones were very adorable and cosy. Check out our selection of the best Norwegian TV Series

More Foreign TV Series will quickly follow. In the meanwhile you could check out the Euroepan TV Series section that is completely finished. Or check out our selection of the best Foreign Movies by country!