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The best British films… where to start? Of course this list is far but exhaustive, but these are some recent films you definitely shouldn’t miss!
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best British movies of 2016 in cinema or on DVD or Netfix. Are Andrew Haigh, Gavin Hood & Bill Condon United Kingdom's biggest directors?

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Best British movies on Netflix or DVD in 2016


Best British movies out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Locke (11-04-2014)
  2. What we wrote:
    'Locke isn’t the first film that takes entirely place in a single space. Recently we’ve seen Buried (a coffin) and All is Lost (a yacht). In Locke, we follow Tom Hardy in a power house role as Ivan Locke, a construction foreman determined to come to terms with something he did in the recent past. The entire film takes place in a car and the only thing we see and hear is Locke making phone calls via his speakers which unravels his recent past and his current plan bit by bit to the viewer. A single location film is always tricky, as it either becomes a gimmick or just plain boring. Stephen Knights’ clever and economically written script however, makes this British film a standout in the subgenre.

    Locke - a movie starring Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson & Andrew Scott. It is directed by Steven Knight, who also directed Eastern Promises, Peaky Blinders & Dirty Pretty Things. Movie fans who enjoyed Buried & All is Lost should surely watch Locke- Locke deals with themes like infedility, trust, and incorporates drama, and more elements.

    Trailer of Locke on Youtube.

    Release date 11-04-2014
    Rating 82%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords exceptional • gripping •
    Length 85 minutes
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  3. Sightseers (10-05-2013)
  4. What we wrote:
    'Even though Wheatly is still a new kid on the block in English cinema, it feels he’s already an established name. Given the years he has been active as a film maker, his output has been quite high. Which is a good thing, because his dark yet fresh films are quite something. We could easily have chosen any of his other features from the 2010’s, but picked Sightseers, as it embodies what Wheatley stands for the best. A darkly humourous, twisted film about a seemingly ordinary couple in a camper on a rampage through England. Please make sure to check his other films too!

    Sightseers - a movie starring Alice Lowe, Kenneth Hadley & Steve Oram. It is directed by Ben Wheatley, who also directed Kill List, Down Terrace & A Field in England. Movie fans who enjoyed Alan Partridge & Kill List should surely watch Sightseers- Sightseers deals with themes like rebellion, and incorporates adventure, comedy, crime, and more elements.

    Trailer of Sightseers on Youtube.

    Release date 10-05-2013
    Rating 70%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords intense • twisted •
    Length 88 minutes
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  5. Under the Skin (14-03-2014)
  6. What we wrote:
    ' In 2004, Jonathan Glazer directed Birth, a reincarnation drama with Nicole Kidman which was met with mixed results. For years it was silent around Glazer, up to a point where it wasn’t clear whether he would ever shoot a movie again. Thank God he did. Under the Skin, which stars Scarlett Johansson in probably her most interesting role since Lost in Translation, is a small cinematic wonder. Johansson plays an alien seductress who preys on men in Scotland. Under the Skin is sexy, enigmatic and visually overwhelming. Please, make sure to watch this one on a big screen. Comparisons have been drawn to Stanley Kubricks’ work, which for once isn’t an overstatement. One of the more innovative and best British films of the last few years.

    Under the Skin - a movie starring Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy McWilliams & Lynsey Taylor Mackay. It is directed by Jonathan Glazer, who also directed Sexy Beat, Birth & Radiohead: 7 Television Commercials. Movie fans who enjoyed Species & Lucy should surely watch Under the Skin- Under the Skin deals with themes like extraterrestial life, men, and incorporates drama, science fiction, thriller, and more elements.

    Trailer of Under the Skin on Youtube.

    Release date 14-03-2014
    Rating 87%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords breath-taking • incomparable •
    Length 108 minutes
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  7. The Double (04-04-2014)
  8. What we wrote:
    'Again Richard Ayoade. Well, you could easily say he’s our favorite new British director. With The Double, which is loosely based on Dostoyevski’s famous novella,he’s in for something entirely different than Submarine. The result is daring and fascinating and ultimately better. Jesse Eisenberg, who is going through somewhat of a renaissance after a few disappointing roles, is Simon James, a colorless employee of a nondescript Soviet-like workstation. The events take a surprising turn when all of a sudden his doppelgänger, James Simon (played by Eisenberg as well) shows up. James is his, however, his opposite in literally everything, which makes Simons’ life even harder than it already was. The Double is both visually stunning and dazzling story-wise. A British film for which the word ‘kafka-esque’ seemed to be invented.

    The Double - a movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska & Wallace Shawn. It is directed by Richard Ayoade, who also directed Submarine, The Watch & The Boxtrolls. Movie fans who enjoyed Frank & Her should surely watch The Double - The Double deals with themes like bullying, jealousy, and incorporates comedy, drama, thriller, and more elements.

    Trailer of The Double on Youtube.

    Release date 04-04-2014
    Rating 84%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords based on a novel • futuristic •
    Length 93 minutes
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  9. Philomena (27-11-2013)
  10. What we wrote:
    'Philomena stole the hearts of many last year. At one point, it even seemed to have a serious chance at winning the Best Foreign Film oscar. It didn’t, which is a good thing, considering the films it was competing with. Still, Philomena is a really enjoyable and moving film. Steve Coogan, who seems to become a better actor every year, is brilliant as a cocky politician turned journalist who’s determined to unravel a simple Irishwoman’s (even more brilliantly and atypically portrayed by Judi Dench) past.

    Philomena - a movie starring Judi Dench, Steve Coogan & Sophie Kennedy Clark. It is directed by Stephen Frears, who also directed High Fidelity, The Queen & Dangerous Liaisons . Movie fans who enjoyed The Woman in Gold & Nerbaska should surely watch Philomena- Philomena deals with themes like orphans, religion, and incorporates biographical, drama, and more elements.

    Trailer of Philomena on Youtube.

    Release date 27-11-2013
    Rating 72%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords biographical • nice •
    Length 98 minutes
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  11. Shell (15-03-2013)
  12. What we wrote:
    'Out of nowhere came Scott Graham, a young and very promising Scottish director. Shell is a small, intimate coming of age story about a girl who lives with her lonely, surly father in a secluded area somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. They own a gas station and the passing drivers are about the only people who connect her to the world outside theirs. Dialogues are sparse in this film, as father and daughter merely communicate without talking, fastknit but opressive as their relationship has grown.

    Shell - a movie starring Joseph Mawle, Chloe Pirrie & Tam Dean Burn. It is directed by Scott Graham, who also directed Iona & Native Son. Movie fans who enjoyed For Those in Peril & Gregory's Girl should surely watch Shell- Shell deals with themes like families, growing up, and incorporates drama, and more elements.

    Trailer of Shell on Youtube.

    Release date 15-03-2013
    Rating 70%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords life-like • powerful •
    Length 91 minutes
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  13. The Woman in Black (03-02-2012)
  14. What we wrote:
    'Nobody seemed to expect much of Daniel Radcliffe’s acting skills upon finishing the Harry Potter series. In The Woman in Black, he proved he is pretty solid and he actually keeps on proving it in all the latest features he is in. The Woman in Black (produced by legendary horror company Hammer!) is a nice, old-fashioned haunted house tale about a young widowed lawyer who has to arrange the sale of an old house, located on a remote island. This film doesn’t really offer anything new, but James Watkins’ atmospheric gothic flick proves that a horror film full of cliches and archetypes can still be scary as hell.

    The Woman in Black - a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, Janet McTeer & Ciarán Hinds. It is directed by James Watkins, who also directed Eden Lake, My Little Eye & The Descent: Part 2. Movie fans who enjoyed Mama & Oculus should surely watch The Woman in Black - The Woman in Black deals with themes like courtroom, memories, and incorporates drama, horror, thriller, and more elements.

    Trailer of The Woman in Black on Youtube.

    Release date 03-02-2012
    Rating 77%
    Country Canada • Sweden • United Kingdom •
    Keywords frightening • spell-binding •
    Length 95 minutes
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  15. Ginger & Rosa (19-10-2012)
  16. What we wrote:
    'There are a few pretty good films out there that show that the free (sexual) spirit of the sixties and seventies wasn’t always that great, like Lukas Moodyssons’ Together (2000) and Dorotheé van den Berghe’s My Queen Karo (2009). Ginger & Rosa is one of those films too. Elle Fanning impressively plays a young girl whose world is turned upside down when her best friend is starting an affair with her father. The film starts out as a mediocre coming of age film, but soon evolves into a poignant portrait of a time in which intellectuals could use the free spirit for their own benefits.

    Ginger & Rosa - a movie starring Elle Fanning, Alice Englert, Annette Bening & Oliver Platt. It is directed by Sally Potter, who also directed Orlando, The Man Who Cried & The Tango Lesson . Movie fans who enjoyed Very Good Girls & It Felt Like Love should surely watch Ginger & Rosa - Ginger & Rosa deals with themes like betrayal, childhood, and incorporates drama, and more elements.

    Trailer of Ginger & Rosa on Youtube.

    Release date 19-10-2012
    Rating 80%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords complicated • intense •
    Length 90 minutes
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  17. Broken (22-08-2012)
  18. What we wrote:
    'And yet another debut. And again a book adaptation; family drama film Broken is loosely based on Harper Lee’s masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird. Broken‘s tone is a lot darker, but it shares the book’s core. Skunk is an eleven year old girl who, like in so many coming of age stories, loses her innocence during a summer, after she’s confronted with a fair amount of injustice. Director Norris succeeds wonderfully in translating a classic Southern Gothic tale to a modern day story in England, but the films’ greatest asset is young Eloise Laurence, who portrays Skunk in such a nuanced way.

    Broken - a movie starring Charlie Booty, Lily James, Tim Roth & Eloise Laurence. It is directed by Rufus Norris, who also directed London Road, Demon Wind & National Theatre Live: Everyman . Movie fans who enjoyed The Selfish Giant & Starred Up should surely watch Broken- Broken deals with themes like families, parenting, and incorporates drama, romance, and more elements.

    Trailer of Broken on Youtube.

    Release date 22-08-2012
    Rating 81%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords gripping • outstanding •
    Length 91 minutes
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  19. Weekend (04-11-2011)
  20. What we wrote:
    'We already discussed this one earlier, but Weekend is simply too good to leave it out here. The set up is simple and brilliantly effective. Two gay guys meet each other and fall in love over the course of a weekend. Russell is an introvert guy, who still hasn’t completely come to terms with his sexuality while Glen is outgoing and slightly rebellious, but somehow the chemistry is enormous. The sad thing is however, Glen leaves for the United States after the weekend. Weekend is achingly beautiful and provokes a feeling so strong you can almost taste it.

    Weekend - a movie starring Tom Cullen, Chris New & Jonathan Race. It is directed by Andrew Haigh, who also directed Gladiator, 45 Years & Greek Pete. Movie fans who enjoyed Summerstorm & Jongens should surely watch Weekend- Weekend deals with themes like men, sexuality, and incorporates drama, romance, and more elements.

    Trailer of Weekend on Youtube.

    Release date 04-11-2011
    Rating 87%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords magnificent • romantic •
    Length 97 minutes
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  21. Wuthering Heights (21-01-2012)
  22. What we wrote:
    'Andrea Arnold left her mark with her previous efforts Red Road (2007) and Fish Tank (2009). Wurthering Heights, a remarkable take on the well known and often adapted book is something different, while at the same time Arnold maintains her distinctive raw and poetic style, reminiscent of Terence Malick’s best work. It’s daring how she made a so often told story her own. A refreshing little gem amongst that endless list of well crafted but often boring Brontë and Austen adaptations.

    Wuthering Heights - a movie starring Kaya Scodelario, James Howson & Solomon Glave. It is directed by Andrea Arnold, who also directed Fish Tank & Red Road . Movie fans who enjoyed Sense and Sensibility & Jane Eyre should surely watch Wuthering Heights - Wuthering Heights deals with themes like love, women, and incorporates drama, romance, and more elements.

    Trailer of Wuthering Heights on Youtube.

    Release date 21-01-2012
    Rating 70%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords based on a novel • peculiar •
    Length 129 minutes
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  23. Tyrannosaur (07-10-2011)
  24. What we wrote:
    'Another promising debut film marking a bright future for British cinema. Tyrannosaur can be placed in a long English tradition of social-realist drama, the films Ken Loach and his followers have patented. It tells the unlikely story of Joseph, a lower class widower with some serious anger issues and Hannah, a devote Christian who has her domestic problems of her own. Both wounded souls in their own respect, Joseph and Hannah find comfort in each others’ company. Considine shows that these typical raw British lower class stories never wear out, providing that you tell them craftfully.

    Tyrannosaur - a movie starring Peter Mullan, Archie Lal & Jag Sanghera. It is directed by Paddy Considine, who also directed The Bourne Ultimatum, In America & Cinderella Man. Movie fans who enjoyed Breaking the Waves & Animal Kingdom should surely watch Tyrannosaur - Tyrannosaur deals with themes like domestic violence, love, and incorporates drama, and more elements.

    Trailer of Tyrannosaur on Youtube.

    Release date 07-10-2011
    Rating 68%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords striking • tragic •
    Length 92 minutes
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  25. Never Let Me Go (15-10-2010)
  26. What we wrote:
    '‘Read the book first’, is what people always say when you’re about to watch an adaptation of a novel. I’m not quite sure if that goes for British-Japanese novelist Kazuo Ishiguro’s works too, as Remains of the Day is a much better film than a book. Never Let Me Go, based on a Ishiguro novel too, is quite impressive, which makes me wonder how much I’ll like the book. It’s a dystopian romance story, set in a boarding school in an alternate time. It would be a waste to spoil the unexpected twist in the plot, but lets say it gives you a clear idea of the horrific ‘side effects’ of cloning.

    Never Let Me Go - a movie starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan & Andrew Garfield. It is directed by Mark Romanek, who also directed One Hour Photo, Static & Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film - Volume II. Movie fans who enjoyed Remains of the Day & Atonement should surely watch Never Let Me Go - Never Let Me Go deals with themes like education, women, and incorporates drama, romance, science fiction, and more elements.

    Trailer of Never Let Me Go on Youtube.

    Release date 15-10-2010
    Rating 75%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords based on a novel • haunting •
    Length 103 minutes
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  27. Submarine (18-03-2011)
  28. What we wrote:
    'Before directing his debut film Submarine, Richard Ayoade was a recognisable face in Britain already, albeit as an actor. He was part of the cast of popular cult comedy series The Mighty Boosh and The IT crowd, which made his directorial debut all the more anticipated. Submarine, an adaptation of the novel with the same name is an excellent, off beat coming of age dramedy about a young Welsh boy who’s destined to lose his virginity and to save his parents’ marriage. Arctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner was asked to write an original score for the film, which lifts the film to an even higher level.

    Submarine - a movie starring Craig Roberts, Sally Hawkins & Paddy Considine. It is directed by Richard Ayoade, who also directed The Double. Movie fans who enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom & Juno should surely watch Submarine - Submarine deals with themes like growing up, sex, and incorporates comedy, drama, romance, and more elements.

    Trailer of Submarine on Youtube.

    Release date 18-03-2011
    Rating 84%
    Country United Kingdom • United States •
    Keywords entertaining • touching •
    Length 97 minutes
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  29. Another Year (04-02-2011)
  30. What we wrote:
    'Mike Leigh is certainly no stranger to directing honest films, inhabited by utterly real people. At the centre of Another Year is an elderly couple blessed with a large circle of friends. Friends with all sort of problems, who all, to a greater or lesser extent depend on them. You don’t need to expect big plot twists here. Another Year follows a group of friends in the autumn of their lives during four seasons. Nice things happen, awful things happen. There aren’t that much directors, however, who are able to make that worth your while. Another impressive achievement by one of England’s most beloved directors.

    Another Year - a movie starring Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen & Lesley Manville. It is directed by Mike Leigh, who also directed Secrets and Lies, Vera Drake & Happy-Go-Lucky. Movie fans who enjoyed L'Amour & The Marigold Hotel should surely watch Another Year - Another Year deals with themes like old age, relationships, and incorporates comedy, drama, and more elements.

    Trailer of Another Year on Youtube.

    Release date 04-02-2011
    Rating 80%
    Country United Kingdom •
    Keywords believable • insightful •
    Length 129 minutes
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