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The Brothers Lumiere have made France the birthplace of film. Since then French movies have always competed on a high level. Movies are an intrinsic part of French culture and society. Just look at Paris being the city with the highest cinema density in the world. Here we discus the best films and series. They can also be purchased on DVD or you can watch them online.

New and upcoming releases from France

France’s cinema had a killer year in 2011. With films like ‘The Artist’ and ‘Intouchables’ it has set the bar very high for next year. We try to keep you up to date of the latest and upcoming greatest French films. We make a selection of the most promising ones. Here you can check out our best new French movies

French film directors

The amount of amazing French filmmakers is insane. There are several directors of whom you should really see every film. Here is our top 5 of the most popular movie directors. This will be added very soon.

French Feature films

In our French movies list you can find all our films together with trailers and reviews. Or have a look at the following sections where we discuss it by genre

French movies top 10
French Romantic Movies 
Recent Popular French Films

French TV Series

Since you have an interest in French Cinema you might also want to find out what the best French TV Series are in our tv series section. We have put the spotlights on the very best of the television of France.


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In a Nutshell – a short introduction

A lot of directors from Europe moved to France to achieve great things. They have given France great foreign influences. Also a lot of French filmmakers went across the borders to pursue international careers and some of them have accomplished this famously. French cinema has with the protection and support of the government managed to always remain on top of their game. Besides this, prestigious festivals like the Cannes filmfestival have kept the name of France in the filmworld very respectable.

French Film in the last decades

In recent years France has conquered the movie theaters in Europe and America several times. Especially ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain’ (2001) has become an undisputed classic. There is nobody in Europa that does not know the piano piece inside out. Also the touching and cheerful rural movie ‘Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis’ (2008) was extremely popular and broke all the box offices records with 20 million visitors and was also with 193 million the movie with the most revenue (after Titannic). Moreover, France almost gets yearly nominations for the best foreign language film Oscars. However, it has not won an oscar since Indochine in 1992. Nonetheless, France has kept producing beautiful movies and brought forth great actors and actresses like Jullie Binoche. There are also a lot of French arthouse movies that are not well known to the bigger audience, but that have a fanatic following. So are the films of Eric Romer, who recently died, very popular among a select group of people in Europe. That is our introduction. By watching our French movies the experience will begin for you today!