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China has a particularly rich film history. What is so intriguing, is its enormous diversity. Contemplative art house films to action packed martial arts epics; China has it all.
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best Chinese movies of 2017 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Yimou Zhang, Hsiao-Hsien Hou & Jean-Jacques Annaud China's biggest directors?

Chinese movies2017
Popular actorsWilliam Wai-Ting Chan, Wei Fan & Janine Chun-Ning Chang
Trending moviesThe Ferryman, The Assassin & Wolf Totem

Anticipated 2017 Chinese movies to watch

    Duckweed (Thursday December 14, 2017)

    Duckweed film poster Director
    Han Han
    Chao Deng
    Eddie Peng
    Liying Zhao

    Immensely popular Chinese blogger/car-racer/filmmaker Han Han returns with his second feature, a slightly autobiographical dramedy about a man who, after a near fatal accident. gets to travel back to the 90's and finds out a thing or two about his family. Think 'Back to the Future' with a twist....Read more

Best Chinese movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

2010's best rated Chinese movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Coming Home (Friday October 10, 2014)

    Coming Home film poster Director
    Yimou Zhang
    Li Gong
    Daoming Chen
    Huiwen Zhang

    It’s been a while since the last Yimou Zhang film found its way to the cinema over here, but fortunately distributors finally decided to give it a go again. Coming Home is a beautiful historical melodrama based on a novel by Chinese (but American based) writer Yan Geling. It tells the sad story of professor who got sent to a labor camp because of his political ideas and who, upon arriving home after years, finds out his wife doesn’t remember him anymore....Read more

    A Touch of Sin (Saturday September 28, 2013)

    A Touch of Sin film poster Director
    Zhangke Jia
    Wu Jiang
    Baoqiang Wang
    Tao Zhao

    Jia Zhangke (Platform (2000), Unknown Pleasures (2002) ) is a genius, probably today’s most prominent Chinese filmmaker (and maybe the best director China has ever had). A Touch of Sin is his most violent film to date. But we also note his often recurring themes of politics, estrangement, absurdity of small human lives, the search of all of his characters for something, someone, while lost between China’s enormous run-down buildings. A Touch of Sin tells four separate stories, all fascinating in their own way. It has the ambition of an epic movie, good for some laughs, some tears, some shocks. It’s hard to penetrate. A superb film from a superb ‘Auteur’ with capital A. I hope we haven’t seen the best Zhangke Jia yet!...Read more

    Black Coal, Thin Ice (Wednesday April 9, 2014)

    Black Coal, Thin Ice film poster Director
    Yi'nan Diao
    Fan Liao
    Lun Mei Gwei
    Xuebing Wang

    Black Coal Thin Ice surprisingly won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival last year. Surprisingly, because festival darling Boyhood was in competition too. Not that Black Coal is a bad film or an undeserved winner, quite the contrary. This unsettling modern film noir takes place in an industrial town in the north of China where a dismembered body is found. A grumpy detective is put on the case, but almost immediately during the investigation, he gets shot. He recovers physically, but otherwise he isn’t quite the same. Five years later, as the murderer strikes again, he is dragged into the case again....Read more

    The Grandmaster (Friday August 30, 2013)

    The Grandmaster film poster Director
    Kar-Wai Wong
    Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
    Ziyi Zhang
    Jin Zhang

    Everybody knows about Bruce lee but this story offers a peek into the making of the man who made him; A martial arts extravaganza...Read more

    Here, Then (Tuesday June 19, 2012)

    Here, Then film poster Director
    Mao Mao
    Huang Tang Yijia
    Wang Yizheng
    Li Ziqian

    The story highlights the entangled lives of various people in China who are connected together by desires, co-incidence and a lost...Read more

    The Mermaid (Monday February 8, 2016)

    The Mermaid film poster Director
    Stephen Chow
    Chao Deng
    Show Lo
    Yuqi Zhang

    A surprising romantic comedy/fantasy film about a mermaid falling in love with an entrepreneur who wants to get rid of all sea-life in order to develop a reclamation project. Funny and full of unexpected turns, but above all a movie with an important message....Read more

    Gone With the Bullets (Thursday December 18, 2014)

    Gone With the Bullets film poster Director
    Wen Jiang
    Zhang Wen
    Zhiwen Wang
    Huang Hung

    A new film by Wen Jiang, who has been dubbed as the ‘Chinese Baz Luhrmann’. Gone With the Bullets is an extravagant action/comedy/drama film about two long time friends becoming arch enemies, that takes place in Shanghai of the 1920’s ....Read more

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China country statistics

Rank#3 (List of most popular countries)
ActorsWilliam Wai-Ting Chan, Wei Fan & Janine Chun-Ning Chang
TrendingThe Ferryman, The Assassin & Wolf Totem
Amount of country films per year from 2010 to 2017

81 Chinese movies scheduled for release this year.

More and more Chinese movies are making their way to American and other markets worldwide. At the same is China becoming a great export country for US movies. In fact, a number of movies are specifically made to do well in Asian markets, specifically China.

List of highest grossers of the decade & budget

TitleBox officeBudget
The Grandmaster (2013) $6.59M$38.6M
Mei ren yu (2016)$3.2M$60M
Yip Man 3 (2015)$2.1M$36M