New Comedy movies of 2013/2014 – Funny Comedies from Europe

A modest list of the many European new comedy movies in 2014 and the best comedies from Europe in 2013. We have selected the very best comedies in 2013/2014 by country being released in cinema and on DVD and Blu-ray. From action comedies, to funny slap stick movies. This year we are expanding to other foreign comedies, like new Asian comedy films (Japan, China, Korea) and South-American comedies in 2014. 

Upcoming new European comedies in 2014

Stromberg – The FILM (2014)

The incredibly popular German comedy show ‘Stromberg’ is brought to the big screen. This German version of The Office UK has its own kind of humor, and is a most enjoyable show. Hopefully the same can be said of this new film version of it. It is up for release in the end of February 2014 in Germany.

Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann (2014)

This was the Swedish comedy hit of 2013, and will now be available internationally in 2014. The English title is ‘The Centenarian Who Climbed Out the Window and Vanished’, and it is about hundred year old men who escapes his old folk’s home. It is based on the very popular Swedish book. It will be released in the UK in 2014.

Smetto quando voglio (2014)

The Italian comedy debut by director Sydney Sibilla, and it is written by Valerio Attanasio who in 2011 wrote the comedy Gianni e le Donne (2011). It is not your usual comedy. It is about a couple university graduates who cannot find any jobs, and decide to start dealing in drugs together.

Tip Top (2014)

This French comedy thriller was screened at Cannes in 2013, and is up for release in 2014. It is directed by Serge Bozon, and is starring the big French actress Isabelle Huppert. It is about two female police detectives who have to investigate a murder in a small village. Here a trailer with English subtitles.

Other new Foreign comedies in 2014, mainly upcoming Asian comedies

Of course, Europe is not the only source for new foreign comedy films. Also Asia always releases quite a few comedies, although they are not nearly as well-known and popular in the West as their martial arts and action films.

In 2014, there is the South-Korean comedy film Hot Young Bloods (2014) hitting the screens. Here is a trailer of the film by Korean director Lee Yeon-Woo

There is also the 2014 Japanese comedy Trick the Movie: The Last Stage (2014) which you can read about on the Asian Wiki. It is the fourth in the series.

A huge comedy from China, with the Chinese action comedy film Bing Feng Xia aka The Iceman 3D about a Chinese Dynasty guard who gets frozen, and comes back after 400 years in modern day China. The film is up for release in April 2014.

Upcoming South-American comedy

But another interesting foreign comedy continent is Latin-America. For 2014 there are a few promising new comedies that might be worth your while.

In January the Brazilian comedy El Misterio de la Felicidad (2014) was released and it was not that bad at all. It goes by the English language title ‘The Mystery of Happines’. Here is a trailer with English subtitles.

Oscar-winning director Eugenio Zanetti is coming with the Argentinian 2014 comedy Amapola which will see its release this May. It is being described as a comedy musical, and it feautures a few American stars.

Best European comedy movies of 2013

From the makers of Hot Fuzz now comes the new British Comedy ”The World’s End’ (2013)

The Golden English trio is back. After recent British comedy classics as ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Shaun of the Dead’, director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg & Nick Frost will release this new British comedy movie after the summer in September 2013. It is about a group of five friends who reunite to relive their epic pub crawl night from 20 years earlier, ending in the pub named ‘The World’s End’. Another great comedy from England to look out for is the dark comedy film ‘Sightseers.

France: The Other Side of the Tracks – Detective comedy flick with Omar Sky

Omar Sky, recently famous because of blockbuster ‘Intouchables’ is appearing in several films this year. Also, in this French comedy about two mismatched Parisian detectives forced to work together to solve the murder of the wife of a very wealthy French businessman. It already appears to be one of the recent popular French comedy movies of the last few years – on release it was an immediate hit in the box office. It is being compared to be like the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ films of the eighties – some action, some slap-stick.

A Hollywood remake, but a German sequel to the comedy Kokowaah in 2013

After the success of the recent German comedy movie Kokowaah back in 2011, Hollywood had decided to make an American remake for in 2013 with Bradley Cooper. At the same time Directer and Actor (Inglorious Basterds) Til Zweiger is releasing a sequel. The story will continue were it left off in the first film.

Legendary Spanish filmmaker returns to his roots in 2013 – back to the comedy genre

This time no heavy drama film, but light entertainment by Pedro Almodovar. In ‘Los Amentes Pasajeros’ he tells the story of the cabin crew of a flight that might be crashing – but then from a funny point of view. They have to position themselves in hilarious situations trying to hide the bad news from the passengers. Perhaps not the best work of Almdovar, and perhaps not even one of the new best comedy movies of 2013, but still definitely worth your while.

New Italian comedies in 2013 – Reality & La Grande Belezza

Italy comes this year with quite a lot of 2013 new comedies – a few romance ones, but also actual funny movies. The comedy drama Reality by popular filmmaker Mattea Garrone (Gomorra) has won Cannes’s Grand Jury award. One of the Italian judges at the Cannes Film festival also released a comedy – the very promising la Grande Belezza. You can read more about both films in our new Italian movies of 2013 article.

More recent new Comedy films from Europe by country:

Feel like having watching some more Funny European films? In our New movies of 2013 section you can ready of all the movies by country, including the new comedies that did not make our best funny movies of 2013 list. Like the Danish Alle for To and the Swedish comedy Studentfesten, and a lot more (Netherlands, Belgium, Russia etc.). We will soon also have an Asian section with the best Chinese, Japanese and Korean comedy films.

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