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Once in a while there are a few great German Movies that also get well known beyond its own borders. Despite the fact that Germany not necessarily is part of the greatest film countries, it has nonetheless produced a few real classics. Here you can read about the best films & series by genre and find them on DVD or Watch them online.

 Das Leben der Anderen - German Movies

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We als have German TV Series section in which we discuss the greatest television series of Germany.

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German Movies in a Nutshell

Germany is one of the countries in Europe that has gone through huge changes in the 20th century, and this is also reflected in its cinema. To start off, in the twenties during the Weimar Republic, German directors could due to the inflation borrow money very cheaply for making movies. As a result German cinema went through a blossoming period. During this time the mysterious and enigmatic works of Fritz Lang came together, amongst for example Metropolis (1927) en M (1933). After that in the period of Nazi Germany a great amount of propaganda films were made. After both World War’s German movies went through a time in which it lost a way a little. It managed to overcome this, but the War theme continues to play a big role in German films.

German movies in the last decades

German feature films are often named to be arthouse movies. This is not incorrect, but also an German movies - der untergangamount of movies with a fairly big budget have been produced in the last years, and can compete with Hollywood production quality movies. In recent years a few German motion pictures and German directors have had a lot of success internationally. Das Leben Der Anderen (2006) and Der Untergang (2004) are immensely popular and have become real cult films. Also Goodbye Lenin (2003) has generated an impressive following.