Best new Space & Alien movies in 2018 & 2017 (Netflix & Cinema List)

The Vore's Film staff selects the top best space movies of 2018 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Justin Lin,Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski our new space genre directors? The main focus is on international art house & American and British indie cinema.

The universe, in all its vastness and mysteriousness, intrigues filmmakers and audiences endlessly. There are an awful lot of terrible, low-budget space movies out there though, but these are all pretty great. The movies about Aliens listed here tell us just as much about what it means to a human being on planet earth, as that they are about Aliens and outer space.

Making space films, or science fiction films set in space, is by no means an easy task. Sometimes it can be done with smaller budgets, and by focusing on the human aspects of things, like in Moon, but usually they are gigantic projects. In 2014 Nolan’s Interstellar was such a project, and although critics were divided, it sure was a great space film that belongs among the ranks of the greatest ever made. Like all films in this niche genre, it was highly indebted to the mother of sci-fi space films, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Let’s see if we can expect yet another great space travel film in 2015. We usually stays within the indie film field, but we have caved in to include some bigger titles as well.

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  • Interstellar

    DIRECTOR: Christopher Nolan
    CAST: Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway Jessica Chastain

    Earth's survival seems to be in a dire quandary, so the onus of protecting the life on Earth lies on a team of two, chosen secretly, and dispensed on a mission to... Read more

    RATING: 86/100

    RELEASE DATE: November 7th, 2014

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  • Star Trek Into Darkness

    DIRECTOR: J.J. Abrams
    CAST: Chris Pine Zachary Quinto Zoe Saldana

    The Crew of Enterprise and the well-being of space is threatened by one of their own members this time, so to capture this destructive threat, a manhunt is launched into... Read more

    RATING: 78/100

    RELEASE DATE: May 16th, 2013

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  • Passengers

    DIRECTOR: Morten Tyldum
    CAST: Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt Michael Sheen

    Passengers' was met with mixed results, but we actually thought this wondrous romcom/sc-fi hybrid really worked. A spaceship is on its way to a colony far away. Accidentally, two passengers wake up 90 years too early from their 'hibernation'. Luckily, they really like each other, which is a good thing, knowing they'll die on the ship before it reaches its destination. But then they discover something terrible which will jeopardize the entire mission... Read more

    RATING: 71/100

    RELEASE DATE: December 21st, 2016

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  • Star Trek Beyond

    DIRECTOR: Justin Lin
    CAST: Chris Pine Zachary Quinto Karl Urban

    The saga continues with this third installment in the highly successful Star Trek series. Not as good as the previous chapter, which has mainly to do with the absence of a great villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch, but nonetheless another solid movie which proves this reboot's raison d'être. Read more

    RATING: 71/100

    RELEASE DATE: July 22nd, 2016

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  • Oblivion

    DIRECTOR: Joseph Kosinski
    CAST: Tom Cruise Morgan Freeman Andrea Riseborough

    A veteran space soldier is assigned to rescue the remaining resources from the earth but a slight deviation from his schedule triggers certain events that insinuate him... Read more

    RATING: 70/100

    RELEASE DATE: April 19th, 2013

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  • Europa Report

    DIRECTOR: Sebastián Cordero
    CAST: Sharlto Copley Michael Nyqvist Christian Camargo

    The film depicts a privately sponsored, ambitious space mission, undertaken by a crew of international astronauts to find life on the fourth largest moon of Jupiter that... Read more

    RATING: 65/100

    RELEASE DATE: April 19th, 2013

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