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European TV Series

Our overview of the very best European tv series by country.

Best Danish TV Series

Best Danish TV Series

# Danish Series: The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

Best Swedish TV Series

Best swedish series

#1 Swedish Serie: Wallander

 Best French TV SeriesAwesome French police series

#1 French Series – Engrenages (2005)

Best Italian TV Series

Italy's finest tv series

#1 Italian tv series: La Piovra – The Octopus (1984-).

Best Dutch TV-Series

Best of Dutch television

#1 Dutch TV Series: Oud Geld – Old Money (1998)

Best English TV Series

best english tv series

#1 English TV Series – Brideshead revisited

Best Spanish TV Series

One of the Spanish comedy series

#1 Spanish TV-Series: 7 Vidas – 7 Lives

Best German TV Series

High quality short film/series

#1 German Series: Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980-)

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