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Introduction to best European TV Series per country

The best European tv series per country. Here the #1 per country.

Forbrydelsen - Best European series on tv

On an international level it is clear. TV Series are getting more and more popular. In the United States HBO produces the one huge success after the other. We should, however, also not underestimate the European Series. Most of them only know fame within the countries own borders. We feel that with more attention they can also do well abroad. Not just as with ‘The Killing’ by making an American reproduction, but to export them as they are. Just put some English sub-titles underneath and you are good to go. We hate dubbing TV series since it ruins the authenticity, but that is also an option.

Per country we want to give you the very best European TV Series. We shall provide you with reviews, ratings and trailers. We would also appreciate you leaving a review and a rating. Our main focus lies with finding European tv series that are interesting for non-nationals. Let us know if we have succeeded.

Very best European TV Series

Here you can see our choice of the number one TV Serie per country.

When you click on the country title you can find more great tv-series.

Best Danish TV Series

Best Danish TV Series

# Danish Series: The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

Best Swedish TV Series

Best swedish series

#1 Swedish Serie: Wallander

 Best French TV SeriesAwesome French police series

#1 French Series – Engrenages (2005)

Best Italian TV Series

Italy's finest tv series

#1 Italian tv series: La Piovra – The Octopus (1984-).

Best Dutch TV-Series

Best of Dutch television

#1 Dutch TV Series: Oud Geld – Old Money (1998)

Best English TV Series

best english tv series

#1 English TV Series – Brideshead revisited

Best Spanish TV Series

One of the Spanish comedy series

#1 Spanish TV-Series: 7 Vidas – 7 Lives

Best German TV Series

High quality short film/series

#1 German Series: Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980-)

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