Best new British TV Shows (2017 overview - TV & Netflix)

England is the one country that despite its small scale, has an answer to mindblowing stream of quality that comes from the U.S. Thanks to British television, we know Black Mirror (2011) and Downton Abbey (2010). Go England!
The Vore's TV staff selects the top best British TV series of 2017 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Debbie Horsfield, Susanna Clarke & Sydney Newman United Kingdom's best creators?

2017 releases - most anticipated titles to watch

Taboo (7-1-2017 | FX)

In the beginning of the 1800's, an adventurerer builds his own shipping empire. A show co-created by Tom Hardy.
CreatorTom Hardy
Starring Tom Hardy, Leo Bill & Oona Chaplin
Themescareer, character, greed, pride, drama,
Keywordsaction-packed, adventurous, dramatic,
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Halycon (2-1-2017 | ITV)

Basically the idea of Downton Abbey but then taking place in a 1940's glamorous London five star hotel.
CreatorCharlotte Jones
StarringSteven Mackintosh, Hermione Corfield, Jamie Blackley
Themescostume drama,
CountryUnited Kingdom

Cormoran Strike (9-1-2017 | BBC ONE)

A supermodel's suicide in London might be a murder. Detective Cormoran Strike is on the case in this detective tv show penned by Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling. It will be the first out of a series based on three books.

Photo of Cormoran Strike
StarringTom Burke, Holliday Grainger, Leo Bill |
Similar tv showsBroadchurch

Best British TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

Best British TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Black Mirror (Since 4-12-2011 , Season: 3 - Channel 4 )
  2. A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology.Orwellian images of our future not only appear in books – BBC’s Black Mirror brilliantly paints a picture that is as shocking as it is near. Each episode introduces a new theme, cast and forecast. The dark side of life and technology is played out in near-future scenarios in which technology has quite a disputable influence. Most of these scenarios are not even fully improbable, which, along with the dramatic powerplay, constitutes it’s strength.The only bother in Black Mirror: its first episode is the best one by far, which make the following episodes seem inferior. Beyond that, an absolute must watch.

    CreatorCharlie Brooker
    StarringDaniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell & Rory Kinnear
    Similar tv showsUtopia
    Themescommunication, heroism, human rights, identity, lifestyle, manipulation, science fiction,
    Keywordsaccurate, advanced,
    CountryUnited Kingdom
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  3. Peaky Blinders (Since 30-9-2014 , Season: 3 - BBC Two)
  4. BBC made something special, but despite that it looks terrific, and really takes you back to the Birmingham just after World War 1, it is also a bit clumsy and messy at times. Simply put, it does not quite live up to its promise of becoming the ‘Brummy’ version of the American Boardwalk Empire. That being said, I did really enjoy this classic more slow-paced British gangster series, and seeing that it only has six episodes in the first season of the mini-series, you can understand that it did not hit as hard as a Boardwalk Empire. Season 2 is up for release in 2014, and it would not surprise me if the show will really pick up from there. The story and the setting are incredible, so there is a lot there to be developed. Peaky Blinders is about a local Birmingham Irish gang run by the Shelby family (one of the brothers is played by the terrific Cillian Murphy) who were controlling the city with relative ease until a new Chief of police is installed, who is not afraid to fight back. The main attraction luring me in to watch this show was its creator Steven Knight, the writer of Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises (2007) about Russian gangsters.

    CreatorSteven Knight
    StarringCillian Murphy, Sam Neillm & Paul Anderson
    Similar tv showsBoardwalk Empire, The Sopranos
    Themescompetition, corruption, drugs, families, honor, drama,
    Keywordsaction-packed, violent,
    CountryUnited Kingdom
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  5. Downton Abbey (Since 9-1-2011 , Season: 6 - ITV)
  6. A portrayal of an aristocratic British family and their staff, beginning at the years before the first world war.BBC’s Downton Abbey is an enormous success – you’ve probably seen it, or at least heard of it. The decadence of the Crawley family is simply nice to look at, as are the shenanigans a level below (the staff) and the relationships between the family and their personnel. Yes, most characters are one-dimensional, and the fights and struggles are simplistic. No one really cares, apparently.

    CreatorJulian Fellowes
    StarringHugh Bonneville, Phyllis Logan & Elizabeth McGovern
    Themesbetrayal, bullying, character, emotions, families, fate, drama, romance,
    Keywordsamusing, charming, dramatic,
    CountryUnited Kingdom United States
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  7. The Honourable Woman (Since 31-7-2014 , Season: 1 - BBC Two )
  8. This show clearly plays into today's hot topic of international espionage. It revolves around a woman who inherits her father’s arms business, and decides to transform it into a company that facilitates the laying of cable network between the West Bank and Israel. Grown into a role as promoter of reconciliation, she gets caught up in an international ‘maelstrom’.

    CreatorHugo Blick
    StarringMaggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Rea & Lubna Azabal
    Similar tv showsOlive Kitteridge, Happy Valley
    Themesactivism, betrayal, combat, drama, thriller,
    Keywordsaction-packed, awe-inspiring,
    CountryUnited Kingdom United States
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  9. Sherlock (Since 24-10-2010 , Season: 4 - BBC One)
  10. Sherlock is not yet another Sherlock Holmes brand rip-off. This British BBC Detective show takes the most famous fictional private detective to modern-day London, and finds an excellent form to do so. Sherlock, played by the incredibly talented Benedict Cumberbatch (now also with a great role in 12 Years a Slave), describes himself aptly as a ‘highly functional sociopath’, but as the series progresses, we find that his kind heart pierces through (perhaps a bit too much in season 3, almost de-mystifying him). Together with his loyal friend Watson, he solves incredibly complex cases in the heart of London loosely based on original Arthur Conan O’Doyle stories. Season 1 and 2 are definitely must-see detectives as they are incredibly fresh and genuine, but in season 3 in 2014 the show unfortunately moves a little too much away from the original stories, and takes too much advantage of humor and Sherlock’s sensitive side.

    CreatorMark Gatiss & Steven Moffat
    Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman & Una Stubbs
    Similar tv showsPrison Break, True Detective
    Themesconspiracy, darkness, technology, action, crime, mystery,
    Keywordsaction-packed, addictive, mysterious,
    CountryUnited Kingdom United States
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  11. Doctor Who (Since 17-3-2006 , Season: 10 - BBC One )
  12. The one and only sci fi cult hit! The Doctor is a Time Lord, who can travel beyond spacen and time and explores the whole wide universe, resulting in mind blowing adventures. Must see for sci fi fans.

    CreatorSydney Newman
    StarringPeter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman & Matt Smith
    Similar tv showsThe Sarah Jane Adventures
    Themespunishment, revenge, science, adventure, drama,
    Keywordsadventurous, classic,
    CountryCanada United Kingdom
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  13. The Night Manager (Since 19-4-2016 , Season: 1 - BBC)
  14. A night manager of a European hotel is asked to be an alias for intelligence operations.

    CreatorJohn le Carré
    Starringom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debicki
    Similar tv showsThe Night Of, 11.22.63
    Themesespionage, good versus evil, action, adventure,
    Keywordsaction-packed, adventurous, dazzling,
    CountryUnited Kingdom
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  15. This is England '90 (Since 13-9-2015 , Season: 1 - Channel 4)
  16. A miniseries derived from the film 'This is England' (2006). The show captures the rave culture and 1990 world football cup.

    CreatorShane Meadows & Jack Thorne
    Starring Lyra Mae Thomas, Billy Braithwait & Chanel Cresswell
    Similar tv showsThis is England '86, This is England '88
    Themescharacter, jobs, social issue, drama,
    Keywordsdramatic, truthful,
    CountryUnited Kingdom
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United Kingdom country statistics

United Kingdom2017
Country popularity
Country ranking#1
Familiar faces Lyra Mae Thomas, Billy Braithwait & Chanel Cresswell
Trending showsPoldark, This is England ‘90 & Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel
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113 British TV series scheduled for release this year.

Whereas the British cinema industry makes a lot of movies, but hardly any money, the British tv industry makes a lot of series and a lot of money. Next to that, the UK co-produces a lot of foreign tv shows, including American ones. The output of series has always been big, but it is clear that bigger budgets are reserved for tv shows like The Crown. The tv shows keep getting better and better.