7 best Police Series of Europe – great detectives

European Police Series – Detectives dominate television.

One thing that struck us while exploring European television was that in pretty much every country a police series was the most popular tv show. Also for people who are not from that particular country a detective or crime series is understandably very appealing. Police works is rather universal. Someone commits a crime, and the police finds the perpetrator. Then of course it is interesting to see the slight differences from country to country, making it interesting for example French people to watch the Swedish Wallander police series. In Europe and in the rest of the world it are especially the Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark that do remarkably well in 2011.

wallander - best police series

Our selection of the very best police series of Europe

Click on the titles and you will find a review and a trailer.

1. The Killing – Forbrydelsen

This Danish hit series truly is the creme de la creme of European crime television.

2. Wallander

Follow Inspector Wallander solving murders in the small southern Swedish town Ystad.

3. La Piovra – The Octopus

One of the greatest television hits of the eighties. La Piovra even managed to be broadcasted behind the Iron curtain at the time of the Cold War.

4. Engrenages – Spiral

A fantastic French tv series depicting the judicial system of France.

5. The Bridge – Bron / Broen

Swedish and Danish police forces have to work together in this Danish / Swedish production.

6. Inspector Morse

A british detective that requires no introduction. We currently do not have it in our Database so read about it on IMDb.

7. Flikken Maastricht

A new Dutch tv series that is very popular within the Netherlands. It is now also broadcasted in other countries, like for instance in Italy.

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