Best new Animation movies (2017) - Top Netflix & Cinema

Studios like Disney, Pixar and Ghibli are taking the art of animated movies to a higher level every year. They continue to be among the highest grossing movies in the box office each year, and then we are not even counting the merchandise. At the time of writing Frozen was released years ago, but you can't walk into a store without seeing Frozen magazines, cups and cookies etc. It's a business, and it's big business. But fortunately it's a business that produces something that makes people happy, and the not so subtly hidden moral codes, are not too bad for our children either. These are the ones we think are the prettiest, smartest and most compelling.
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best animation movies of 2017 in cinema or on DVD or Netfix. Are Andrew Stanton, Chris Renaud & Pete Docter our new animation genre directors?

animation genre statistics

Rank#5 (List of most popular genres)
ActorsIdris Elba, James Franco & Kevin Hart
TrendingInside Out, Shaun the Sheep & The Little Prince
Amount of genre films per year from 2010 to 2017

178 animation movies scheduled for release this year.

Animation is famous for being patient and slow work. This explains the relatively few movies to appear every year, especially compared to other genres. However, as technology never stops progressing, the process of making such films does go faster, and in particular in recent years, we see a big increase in animation films being produced.

List of highest grossers of the decade & budget

TitleBox officeBudget
Finding Dory (2016)$486M$200M
Toy Story 3 (2010)$415M$200M
Frozen (2013)$400M$150M
Despicable Me 2 (2013)$368M$76M
The Secret Life of Pets (2016)$368M$75M
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2017 anticipated releases to watch

    The LEGO Batman Movie (Friday February 10, 2017)

    The LEGO Batman Movie film poster Director
    Chris McKay
    Will Arnett
    Michael Cera
    Rosario Dawson

    Shortly after the release of the wildly successful (and hilarious) LEGO movie, the creators announced a spin-off; the LEGO Batman Movie. And indeed, this character definitely deserved its own movie. The story is too stupid, but this will make roll from your seat for sure. ... Read more


    The Boss Baby (Saturday February 25, 2017)

    The Boss Baby film poster Director
    Tom McGrath
    Steve Buscemi
    Tobey Maguire
    Lisa Kudrow

    Based on the eponymous children's book, The Boss Baby could one of the revelations of 2017. Like more modern children's films, 'The Boss Baby' is a film that dares to take its young audience seriously.... Read more


Best animation movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017

2010's best rated animation movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Ma vie de Courgette (My Life as a Courgette) (15-05-2017, 66 minutes)
  2. Icarus is a ten year old boy who lives with his alcoholic mother. When she suddenly dies, Icarus is placed in a foster home where he and an eccentric bunch of orphan kids learn to cope with the difficulties they've all encountered in their lives. A heartwarming, unique and often hilarious stop-motion film that is not afraid to show the darker sides of childhood.
    StarringGaspard Schlatter, Sixtine Murat & Paulin Jaccoud
    DirectorClaude Barras (Chambre 69 )
    Themesfamilies, growing up, orphans, animation, family,
    Keywordsinspirational, surprising,
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  3. The Red Turtle (18-05-2016, 80 minutes)
  4. After winning an Oscar for his animated short movie 'Father and daughter' (2001), Michael Dudok de Wit finally realized his anticipated feature animation film 'The Red Turtle'. A beautiful and poetic film that will both please children and adults, it tells the story of a castaway on a isolated tropical island and his magical bond with a red turtle.
    DirectorMichael Dudok de Wit (Father and Daughter)
    Themesisolation, nature, animation, fantasy,
    CountryFrance Japan
    Keywordsadventurous, charming, surreal,
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  5. L’illusionniste (11-02-2011, 80 minutes)
    StarringJean-Claude Donda, Eilidh Rankin & Duncan MacNeil
    DirectorSylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville, Paris, je t'aime & The Old Lady and the Pigeons)
    CountryFrance United Kingdom
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

  7. Rango (04-03-2011, 107 minutes)
    StarringJohnny Depp, Isla Fisher & Timothy Olyphant
    DirectorGore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest & Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End)
    CountryUnited States
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

  9. Fantastic Mr. Fox (25-11-2009, 87 minutes)
    StarringGeorge Clooney, Meryl Streep & Bill Murray
    DirectorWes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom & The Royal Tenenbaums)
    CountryUnited States
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

  11. Spirited Away (28-03-2003, 125 minutes)
    StarringDaveigh Chase, Suzanne Pleshette & Miyu Irino
    DirectorHayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle & Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

  13. Waltz with Bashir (12-06-2008, 90 minutes)
    StarringAri Folman, Ron Ben-Yishai & Ronny Dayag
    DirectorAri Folman (The Congress)
    CountryAustralia Belgium Finland France Germany Israel Switzerland United States
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  15. Coraline (06-02-2009, 100 minutes)
    Starring Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher & John Hodgman
    Director Henry Selick (Monkey Bone, James and the Giant Peach & The Nightmare Before Christmas)
    CountryUnited States
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  17. Persepolis (22-02-2008, 96 minutes)
    StarringChiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve & Gena Rowlands
    DirectorVincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi (Chicken with Plums, Raging Blues & Territoire )
    CountryFrance United States
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  19. The Tale Of Princess Kaguya (23-11-2013, 137 minutes)
    Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, James Caan & Mary Steenburgen
    DirectorIsao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies & Heidi: A Girl of the Alps)
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  21. The Wind Rises (21-02-2014, 126 minutes)
    StarringHideaki Anno, Hidetoshi Nishijima & Miori Takimoto
    DirectorHayao Miyazaki (Spirited away, Princess Mononoke & Howl's Moving Castle)
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New animation movies out now

Best recent & upcoming animation movies with release dates.

Finding Dory by Andrew Stanton & Angus MacLane

The long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo might not be as refreshing as the 2003 classic, but is just charming, funny and visual spectaculair.

Release date17-06-2016
CountryUnited States
StarringIdris Elba, Dominic West & Diane Keaton
Previous releasesFinding Nemo, Wall-E & Toy Story
Associated with adventure, animation, comedy,

Sausage Party by Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon

Release date12-08-2016
CountryUnited States
StarringKristen Wiig, James Franco & Salma Hayek
Previous releasesHero of the Rails, Thomas and Friends & Thomas and Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery
Associated with animation, comedy,

The Secret Life of Pets by Chris Renaud & Yarrow Cheney

Release date08-07-2016
CountryUnited States
StarringLake Bell, Ellie Kemper & Kevin Hart
Previous releasesThe Lorax, Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2
Associated with animation, comedy, family,

Inside Out (19-06-2015, 94 minutes))
DirectorPete Docter & Ronnie Del Carmen (Up, Wall-E & Monster, Inc.)
StarringAmy Poehler, Bill Hader & Lewis Black
CountryUnited States
Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

When Marnie Was There (19-07-2014, 103 minutes))
DirectorHiromasa Yonebayashi (Spirited Away, Ponyo & Princess Mononoke)
StarringSara Takatsuki, Kasumi Arimura & Nanako Matsushima
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Song of the Sea (10-12-2014, 93 minutes))
DirectorTomm Moore (The Prophet, The 3 Wise Men, & The Secret of Kells)
StarringDavid Rawle, Brendan Gleeson & Lisa Hannigan
CountryBelgium Denmark France Ireland {Republic} Luxembourg
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Shaun the Sheep (05-08-2015, 85 minutes))
Director Mark Burton & Richard Starzak (Chicken Run, Madagascar & Aliens in the Attic)
StarringJustin Fletcher, John Sparkes & Omid Djalili
CountryFrance United Kingdom
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The Little Prince (22-05-2015, 108 minutes))
DirectorMark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda, More & The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)
Starring Rachel McAdams, Benicio Del Toro & James Franco
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