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Introduction to the best Norwegian movies

norwegian moviesWelcome to our Norwegian Movies section. Next to its giant film industry neighbours Sweden and Denmark Norway is a little bit the odd one out. It just has two Oscar winners in its history. One often forgets there have actually been some great movies made in Norway. They are usually not such an easy or pleasant watch as with the Danish and Swedish movies. But they are definitely worth it. Here you can find an introduction of norwegian movies with a top 5 of the best norwegian movies. You can kick off exploring Norwegian cinema.

New Norwegian Movies

Here we keep you up to date of the new and upcoming releases from Norway. For each year we try to provide complete lists of the all the movies coming out. For that year we also make a selection of the very best ones for you. Here are the new Norwegian Movies.

Norwegian movie directors

Finding out who your favorite directors are is a fantastic way of getting familiar with a country’s cinema. Here is our top 5 of the most popular Norwegian film directors.

Norwegian Movies

Go straight to our Top 5 best Norwegian movies if you want to know a ranking. In our Norwegian movie list you can find all the movies we have. They all include reviews, trailers and rating.

Norwegian TV Series

If you are interested in Norwegian cinema also stop by our best Norwegian TV series section. There you can find the best from Norwegian television with trailers or fragments included.

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If you would like to discuss Norwegian movies, series or documentaries with others, you can do so by signing up for our Norwegian cinema forums. You are also allowed to promote your own Norwegian Film project there.

Norwegian Movies in a nutshell

The two Oscars in its history are unfortunately not awarded to movies. It concerns a documentary made in 1951 and a short film in 2006. Despite the lack of huge international success, Norway has managed to develop a significant film industry. Within its borders it has several well-known film festivals. Bergen is one of the popular ones. Also the Amanda Awards are not without fame. There have been several Norwegian directors who have been given the opportunity to shoot movies in Hollywood. Harald Zwart momentarily being the most famous one. (The Karate Kid and Pink Panther 2)

Norwegian cinema is often accused of being too stiff or pretentious. These critiques are not entirely to be dismissed. But the movies are definitely worth your time. Sometimes it will require a little intellectual effort. But you will not regret giving it a try. Just like in Denmark, Norwegian movies often have the same cast. The same actors playing in different movies because of its small population. This is actually not a problem at all, since the actors manage to perform with authenticity and originality in every movie.