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Top 10 old Spanish movie classics of all time


Our top 10 of the best Spanish movies of all time. These are Spanish-language films, and therefore also include Mexican titles.

Best Spanish Movies top 10

1. El laberinto del fauno – Pan’s Labyrinth (2006).

Director: Guillermo del torro.

Cast: Ivana Baquero, Ariadna Gil and Sergi López.

IMDb Rating: 8.4.

best spanish movies - El Laberinto del Fauno

This Spanish movie takes us back to fascist Spain of 1944 under Mussolini. The daughter of a fascist army officer escapes reality by loosing herself in her somewhat dark yet fascinating imaginative world. This film was also internationally a worldwide success. It really put Spanish movies back on the map once again. With 3 for this film Oscars Director Guillermo del Toro has proven himself a great artist. Definitely one of the best Spanish movies of all time.

2. Los Olvidados – The Young and the Damned (1950).

Director: Luis Bunuel.

Cast: Alfonso Mejía, Roberto Cobo and Estela Inda.

IMDb Rating: 8.2.

Best Mexican Movies

One of the great films of the even greater director Luis Buñuel who has an impressive total of three films in our Spanish movies top 10. He is one of the most original and innovative directors in the history of cinema. He has also had a tremendous influence on Spanish film. This Spanish language movie takes place in the slums of Mexico city where a group of young delinquents only strays further from the right path.

3. El secreto de sus ojos –  The secret in their Eyes (2009).

Director: Juan José Campanella.

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil and Pablo Rago.

IMDb Rating: 8.2.

Best Argentinian Movies

El secreto de sus ojos from Argentina has received, amongst its many other prizes, an Oscar for the best Foreign Language film. Without a doubt one of the most popular Spanish movies of recent years. It’s about a retired legal advisor who recommences an investigation into a mysterious case from his past. Initially, he just needed some material for the book he is writing, but it soon turns out to become a whole lot more.

4. Viridiana (1961).

Director: Luis Bunuel.

Cast: Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey and Francisco Rabal.

IMDb Rating: 8.2.

Oscar-winning Spanish film by Luis Bunuel

Another amazing movie by director Luis Bunuel. This Spanish movie tells the tale of a young nun. This young woman, viridiana, who is about take her final vows is asked to come visit her uncle. Her uncle has just lost his wife. Purely out of a sense of obligation she decides to fulfil his request. Unfortunately from then onwards tragic occurrences keep piling up.

 5. Amores perros – Love Dogs (2000).

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Cast: Emilio Echevarría, Gael García Bernal and Goya Toledo.

IMDb Rating: 8.2.

Love Dogs - Best Spanish Films

Due to a tragic car accident the lives of three people are intertwined. A story about three characters that all in their own way face loss, grief, and sorrow. This Spanish movie does all but shy away from the harsh reality of life. It is rightly nominated for an Oscar and is currently in the IMDb top 250 list. It is one of the most well-known Spanish movies, and is often cited as one of the greatest art house films.