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Like France and Germany, Italy is among the European countries with a long and very rich film history. Indeed, it is practically impossible to name just 10 great Italian movies, but we did it anyway.
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best Italian movies of 2017 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Nanni Moretti, Paolo Sorrentino & Giuseppe Tornatore Italy's biggest directors?

So at the 2014’s Academy Awards we finally saw a great new Italian film winning the Oscar for best foreign film again. About time, since the last Italian director who did so was Roberto Benigni with his sentimental but highly enjoyable La Vita é Bella in 1998. La Grande Belezza was truly a masterpiece, but I will elaborate more on that later. Hopefully Paolo Sorrentino put Italy back on the map as one of Europe’s (or the World’s) heavyweights in cinema, since we haven’t seen that many Fellini’s, Antonioni’s and Scola’s recently. Italy more or less dominated the best foreign film discourse from the 50’s up to the 80’s: between ’56 (the year the award was given for the first time) and ’81 an Italian film wasn’t nominated only four times. Besides, they still hold the record for receiving the biggest amount of foreign film Oscars: fourteen. Just to give you an idea. Those golden days may be over, but of course the Oscars can hardly be considered a great quality indicator of a nation’s film industry. It is way more interesting to take a look yourself at what Italy produced in recent years.

Italian movies2017
Popular actorsToni Servillo, Michael Caine & Salma Hayek
Trending moviesYouth, Miadre & Il Racconto dei Racconti

Anticipated 2017 Italian movies to watch

    Fortunata (Saturday May 20, 2017)

    Fortunata film poster Director
    Sergio Castellitto
    Stefano Accorsi
    Emanuela Aurizi
    Alessandro Borghi

    Fortunata (Lucky) is Sergio Castellitto's (Non ti muovere, 2004) gripping new drama film about a recently divorced mother's struggles with life. She dreams of opening her own barbershop, but this proves to be difficult. When she falls in love with her daughter's psychologist, things seems to change for the better. ...Read more

    Call Me by Your Name (Monday November 27, 2017)

    Call Me by Your Name film poster Director
    Luca Guadagnino
    Elena Bucci
    Vanda Capriolo
    Amira Casar

    A romance between a seventeen year-old boy and a summer guest at his parents' cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera....Read more

    Fai bei sogni (Sweet Dreams) (Friday February 24, 2017)

    Fai bei sogni (Sweet Dreams) film poster Director
    Marco Bellocchio
    Bérénice Bejo
    Valerio Mastandrea
    Fabrizio Gifuni

    Massimo's idyllic childhood is shattered by the death of his mother. Years later, he is forced to relive his traumatic past and compassionate doctor Elisa could help him open up and confront his childhood wounds....Read more

Best Italian movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

2010's best rated Italian movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    La Migliore Offerta (Wednesday January 1, 2014)

    La Migliore Offerta film poster Director
    Giuseppe Tornatore
    Geoffrey Rush
    Jim Sturges
    Sylvia Hoeks

    Director Giuseppe Tornatore is back with his first film in English, after the disappointing Baarìa, a sentimental vehicle which can best be viewed as a two and a half hour olive oil commercial. La Migliore Offerta (The Best Offer in English) is a thrilling romantic drama about an eccentric art collector and auctioneer, Virgil Goodman, who falls in love with a girl who hires him to auction her deceased parents’ art collection. She doesn’t dare to show herself however, as she is suffering from a severe form of agoraphobia, and communicates exclusively behind a wall in her luxurious villa which is stuffed with art. Within time however, Virgil gains her trust and a passionate romance seems to commence…...Read more

    Perfetti Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers) (Thursday February 11, 2016)

    Perfetti Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers) film poster Director
    Paolo Genovese
    Giuseppe Battiston
    Anna Foglietta
    Marco Giallini

    A group of friends get together for what's supposed to be a nice dinner. As they set out, they invent a game: everyone has to share every text, whatsapp message or phone call they receive. They're all friends, so what do they have to hide for each other? A sly comedy about our times where everyone is connected all the time. Brilliant! ...Read more

    Le Grande Bellezza (Friday March 14, 2014)

    Le Grande Bellezza film poster Director
    Paolo Sorrentino
    Toni Servillo
    Carlo Verdone
    Sabrina Ferilli

    don´t really have something to add to the ever expanding euphoric discourse around this film. La Grande Bellezza is the ´Great Beauty´ indeed. A deeply melancholy picture about a once great writer, contemplating about his past life and ´beauty´ in the broadest sense of the word. A Felliniesque visual trip through modern day Rome with its artsy fartsy extravaganza, stuffed with beautifully composed scenes, tracking shots and impressive long takes, Sorrentino has proven himself as one the most gifted directors on earth. As you could have guessed, also our best Italian film of 2013....Read more

    Il Capitale Umano (Friday April 18, 2014)

    Il Capitale Umano film poster Director
    Paolo Virzì
    Fabrizio Bentivoglio
    Matilde Gioli
    Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

    A wealthy family about to fall apart has been the recipe for quite some decent drama films. With Human Capital, an adaptation of the eponymous American novel, director Paolo Virzi manages to add a fresh touch to the subgenre by telling the story of the destinies two families tied together by an unfortunate accident through the eyes of three family members. It’s impressive how Virzi puts the pieces of the puzzle together in the emotional climax which is both wry and satisfying....Read more

    Fuocoammare (Fire at sea) (Saturday February 13, 2016)

    Fuocoammare (Fire at sea) film poster Director
    Gianfranco Rosi
    Samuele Pucillo,
    Giuseppe Fragapane,
    Pietro Bartolo

    One of the most poignant and heartbreaking documentaries you will see this year. Fuoccoammare is a poetic account of the troubles the small Italian island Lampedusa (and Europe in general) is facing, as thousands after thousands desperate North African immigrants wash ashore.
    ...Read more

    Miele (Tuesday October 15, 2013)

    Miele film poster Director
    Valeria Golino
    Jasmine Trinca
    Carlo Cecchi
    Libero De Rienzo

    Miele. It’s a thought provoking film and a promising debut, even though it has its flaws. Miele is a young woman who devotes her life to helping terminally ill people out who see no other way than committing suicide. When a new, physically healthy but deeply depressed ‘client’ asks for Miele’s help, she sees herself confronted with some moral difficulties. A touching film, backed by a great soundtrack (Caribou, Talking Heads, Shearwater and Duran Duran among others), which ultimately tends a little bit too much to sentimentalism....Read more

    Il Futuro (Monday September 16, 2013)

    Il Futuro film poster Director
    Alicia Scherson
    Manuela Martelli
    Luigi Ciardo
    Rutger Hauer

    Il Futuro, which is based on Roberto Bolaño’s novel Una novelita lumpen, is a film that is hard to pigeonhole without using impossible and ultimately empty labels like ‘magical-realist coming-of-age crime romance’. Anyway, the story evolves around Bianca and Tomas, who’ve just become orphans after their parents died in a car crash. The girl, who’s slightly older and thus has a stronger sense of responsibility, tries to cope with the situation the best she can, while she sees her brothers’ situation worsening as he befriends the wrong people. These ‘friends’, persuasive as they are, ask Bianca to help them rob an old, blind former actor (Rutger Hauer!) who lives alone in an isolated villa. Reluctant at first, Bianca is getting more and more attached to the old man and eventually unwilling to follow through with the initial plan...Read more

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ActorsToni Servillo, Michael Caine & Salma Hayek
TrendingYouth, Miadre & Il Racconto dei Racconti
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List of highest grossers of the decade & budget

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La grande bellezza (2013)$2.8M$9.2M
Youth (I) (2015)$12.3M$2.7M
A Bigger Splash (2015)$2M