Best new Spy movies in 2018 & 2017 (Netflix & Cinema List)

The Vore's Film staff selects the top best spy movies of 2018 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Florian Gallenberger, Christopher McQuarrie & Tomas Alfredson our new spy genre directors? The main focus is on international art house & American and British indie cinema.

The Cold War might be over for years, but that doesn’t mean filmmakers can’t find inspiration anymore for great spy movies!

New spy movies in 2018

Top movies up for release in 2018

  • The Catcher Was a Spy

    DIRECTOR: Ben Lewin
    CAST: Mark Strong, Paul Rudd, Connie Nielsen

    Based on true events, 'The Catcher Was a Spy' tells the unbelievable story of Moe Berg, a Red Sox player who was also a spy during the Second World War. Read more

    RATING: 75/100

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  • Red Sparrow

    DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence
    CAST: Jennifer Lawrence Joel Edgerton Joely Richardson

    An adaptation of Jason Matthew's bestselling novel 'Red Sparrow'. Jennifer Lawrence stars as a Russian spy who falls for a CIA-agent, which makes her reconsidering her career. Read more

    RATING: 83/100

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Best spy movies of 2017

Top rated 2017 spy movies

  • Atomic Blonde

    DIRECTOR: David Leitch
    CAST: James McAvoy Sofia Boutella Charlize Theron

    With a number of undercover agents being targeted by a secret operation the night before the Berlin Wall F alls, an M16 agent has to make sure plan is doomed to fail. This is the new flick of action filmmaker (John Wick) David Leitch so we are in for a well choreographed and directed action-packed and stunning treat. Read more

    RATING: 82/100

    RELEASE DATE: August 11th, 2017

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Best spy movies on Netflix or DVD in 2018

2010's best rated spy movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  • North By Northwest

    DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock
    CAST: Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint James Mason

    An unfortunate advertising personal is misidentified as a dangerous government agentby a group of foreign spies who follow him everywhere while he strives to find his way... Read more

    RATING: 85/100

    RELEASE DATE: September 26th, 1959

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  • JFK

    DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone
    CAST: Kevin Costner Gary Oldman Jack Lemmon

    The story is based on the fascination and speculations regarding the notorious killing of president John.F.Kennedy; An attorney discovers and sets out to prove in court... Read more

    RATING: 82/100

    RELEASE DATE: December 20th, 1991

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  • captain America: Winter Soldier

    DIRECTOR: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
    CAST: Chris Evans Samuel L. Jackson Scarlett Johansson

    An assassin from the past has broken into the modern times as Captain America is still striving to come to terms with his present so he teams up with a fellow avenger and... Read more

    RATING: 78/100

    RELEASE DATE: April 4th, 2014

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  • The Constant Gardener

    DIRECTOR: Fernando Meirelles
    CAST: Ralph Fiennes Rachel Weisz Hubert Koundé

    The story depicts the grieving struggle of a man who has decided to reveal the potential secret behind his wife's murder,thereby delving into the sly methods of huge... Read more

    RATING: 75/100

    RELEASE DATE: August 31st, 2005

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  • Snowden

    DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone
    CAST: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shailene Woodley Melissa Leo

    Oliver Stone's great biopic about the world's most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden. The film slowly builds, showing how Snowden rises from the ranks within the CIA, followed by his disillusionment with the organization's methods. Oliver Stone surely knows how to build up a solid political thriller. A must see! Read more

    RATING: 73/100

    RELEASE DATE: September 16th, 2016

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  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    DIRECTOR: Tomas Alfredson
    CAST: Gary Oldman Colin Firth Tom Hardy

    Delving in the era of cold war at its peak, a highly thrilling spy drama that addresses the subject of double agents; British government secretly hires an ex-operative as... Read more

    RATING: 71/100

    RELEASE DATE: January 6th, 2012

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  • Jason Bourne

    DIRECTOR: Paul Greengrass
    CAST: Matt Damon Tommy Lee Jones Alicia Vikander

    The fifth installment of the highly successful Bourne series. Matt Damon returns to the screen as the troubled former CIA-agent. Still hunted by the his old employer, this time specifically by CIA cyber head Alicia Vikander. A very solid new chapter in one of the best espionage film series you'll stumble upon. Read more

    RATING: 68/100

    RELEASE DATE: July 27th, 2016

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  • The November Man

    DIRECTOR: Roger Donaldson
    CAST: Pierce Brosnan Luke Bracey Olga Kurylenko

    An ex-intelligence officer finds himself standing against some of his own protegees and comrades along with the Russian premier elect as he works on an assigned mission... Read more

    RATING: 63/100

    RELEASE DATE: August 27th, 2014

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