Best new Romanian Movies (2017) - Top Netflix & Cinema

Around 2006-7, Romanian movies suddenly burst the scene. The country was to be reckoned with. What did it produce in the last couple of years?
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best Romanian movies of 2017 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Radu Jude, Tudor Giurgiu & Calin Peter Netzer Romania's biggest directors?

Romanian movies2017
Popular actorsTeodor Corban, Mihai Comanoiu & Toma Cuzin
Trending moviesAferim!, Un Etaj Mai Jos & De Ce Eu?

Anticipated 2017 Romanian movies to watch

    Ana, mon amour (Friday March 3, 2017)

    Ana, mon amour film poster Director
    Cãlin Peter Netzer
    Mircea Postelnicu
    Diana Cavallioti
    Carmen Tanase

    A beautiful and tragic film about the difficulties of keeping a relationship steady with someone who suffers severely from anxieties and neurosis. ...Read more

Best Romanian movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

2010's best rated Romanian movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Bacalaureat (Graduation) (Thursday May 19, 2016)

    Bacalaureat (Graduation) film poster Director
    Cristian Mungiu
    Adrian Titieni
    Maria-Victoria Dragus
    Rares Andrici

    Christian Mungiu's (4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days) latest is a heartbreaking and thrilling story about a decent father who is, after his young and successful daughter was assaulted, forced to leave his principles behind in him in order to make things right. Not an average revenge flick, but a nuanced, psychological portrait of a civilized man facing moral challenges. ...Read more

    Dupa Dealuri (Friday October 26, 2012)

    Dupa Dealuri film poster Director
    Cristian Mungiu
    Cosmina Stratan
    Cristina Flutur
    Valeriu Andriutã

    A testing tale of friendship between two friends who were brought up in the same orphanage but had to part. When they meet again...Read more

    Child’s Pose (Friday March 8, 2013)

    Child’s Pose film poster Director
    Cãlin Peter Netzer
    Luminita Gheorghiu
    Bogdan Dumitrache
    Natasa Raab

    A gripping story of a mother's protective instinct as her son kills a child in a car accident but she can't afford to...Read more

    If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle (Friday March 26, 2010)

    If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle film poster Director
    Florin Serban
    George Pistereanu
    Ada Condeescu
    Mihai Constantin

    A teenage boy serving his sentence in a juvenile prison comes to know, just before two weeks from his release that his mother is...Read more

    Comoara (The Treasure) (Friday January 8, 2016)

    Comoara (The Treasure) film poster Director
    Corneliu Porumboiu
    Toma Cuzin
    Adrian Purcarescu
    Corneliu Cozmei

    A brilliant and subtle new comedy by Corneliu Porumboiu, the Romanian director that brought us '12:08 East of Bucharest' earlier. The film evolves around Costi, a young father with a quiet life. One day, his neighbor makes him a deal; if he helps him dig up a long lost 'treasure' in his backyard, he gets to keep half of the sum... They patience is being challenged though. ...Read more

    When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism (Friday September 20, 2013)

    When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism film poster Director
    Corneliu Porumboiu
    Bogdan Dumitrache
    Diana Avramut
    Mihaela Sirbu

    A film director wishes to add a new scene into his movie while the movie is already in production and for which he has to convince...Read more

    Loverboy (Friday October 7, 2011)

    Loverboy film poster Director
    Cãtãlin Mitulescu
    George Pistereanu
    Ada Condeescu
    Ion Besoiu

    The story addresses the issue of exploitation based on love and betrayal; a young man seduces the girls from poor families in...Read more