Best new Irish Movies (2017) - Top Netflix & Cinema

Ireland might be a small country, but its national cinema is pretty great nontheless. Check out below which recent Irish movies we liked the best.
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best Irish movies of 2017 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Lenny Abrahamson, John Crowley & John Michael McDonagh Ireland {Republic}'s biggest directors?

The amount of people worldwide who claim to be of Irish descent is amazing. Have you ever read an actors’ bio on which doesn’t state he or she is Irish? Americans are fascinated with Irish people and the mark they left on modern history and popular culture. Hollywood produced a notable amount of ‘Irish-themed’ classics: Scorsese’s violent paddy mob films Gangs of New York and The Departed, Troy Duffy’s one hit wonder Boondock Saints and the abysmal P.S. I Love You to name a few. But what about the Emerald Isle’s own film industry? Almost the entire Game of Thrones cast is Irish, so they sure have to offer something. What follows is a list of my favorite Irish movies of 2010 to 2015. And when I say Irish, I really mean Irish. So no American Irish-themed films in this one.

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Popular actorsJamie Dornan, Mark Strong & Saoirse Ronan
Trending moviesRoom, Brooklyn & Calvary

Anticipated 2017 Irish movies to watch

    Pilgrimage (Wednesday December 27, 2017)

    Pilgrimage film poster Director
    Brendan Muldowney
    Tom Holland
    Jon Bernthal
    Richard Armitage

    An upcoming film by promising filmmaker Brendan Muldowney about a group of Irish monks on their way to Rome to deliver some sort of holy relic. Along the way, tensions within the group begin to rise....Read more

Best Irish movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

2010's best rated Irish movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Calvary (Sunday January 19, 2014)

    Calvary film poster Director
    John Michael McDonagh
    Brendan Gleeson
    Chris O'Dowd
    Kelly Reilly

    2011’s The Guard was probably our favorite Irish film of the decade so far, so expectations for McDonagh’s next project were high. Again Brendan Gleeson was casted as its lead and again McDonagh succeeds in creating a world that is very Irish and very absurd at the same time. Calvary tells the story of an unconventional Catholic priest who receives a death threat by a parishioner (whom he knows very well, but the viewer doesn’t get to know who it is until the final scene). Instead of trying to prevent his attacker, he decides to take a risk and meets him at a given place and time....Read more

    The Guard (Thursday January 20, 2011)

    The Guard film poster Director
    John Michael McDonagh
    Brendan Gleeson
    Don Cheadle
    Mark Strong

    It’s not too hard to imagine why The Guard is the most (domestically and internationally) acclaimed and best Irish film of the 2010’s. It’s brilliant. Brendan Gleeson, probably Irelands’ best known actor these days, is the concerned Guard Gerry Boyle, a police officer in a remote coastal village. When his village happens to be the target of a group of drug traffickers, Gerry is forced to cooperate with a strait-laced FBI agent. This appears to be a problem, as Gerry’s working methods are quite unorthodox. Director McDonagh’s brother is Martin McDonagh, who directed In Bruges. They seem to share a splendid sense of dark, violent humor....Read more

    Good Vibrations (Friday March 29, 2013)

    Good Vibrations film poster Director
    Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn
    Jodie Whittaker
    Richard Dormer
    Liam Cunningham

    The Irish answer to 24 Hour Party People, Michael Winterbottoms’ brilliant film on the rise and fall of Factory Records. Good Vibrations deals with the rise of a refreshingly un-political punk rock scene in Belfast, a city which was deeply religious and politically divided. At the heart of the punk movement is the idealistic Terri Hooley, who’s trying the best he can to run a record company/shop amidst the Troubles’ darkest days. Hugely entertaining and an important account of one modern day Europe’s bloodiest histories as well....Read more

    A Dark Song (Friday July 8, 2016)

    A Dark Song film poster Director
    Liam Gavin
    Mark Huberman
    Susan Loughnane
    Steve Oram

    A very promising low budget horror debut by Irish director/writer Liam Gavin. A Dark Song tells the story of a young woman mourning the death of her son. She teams up with Joseph, an eccentric occult expert/alcoholic misanthrope in an isolated cottage, in hopes of getting some signals from her murdered son. As they proceed with their experiments, the tension between them rises....Read more

    The Secret Scripture (Saturday December 10, 2016)

    The Secret Scripture film poster Director
    Jim Sheridan
    Rooney Mara
    Theo James
    Aidan Turner

    Sebastian Barry's beloved novel 'The Secret Sculpture' is finally made into a motion picture, and by none other than Irish stalwart director Jim Sheridan (In the Name of the Father, My Left Foot). ...Read more

    Parked (Friday November 30, 2012)

    Parked film poster Director
    Darragh Byrne
    Colin Morgan
    Colm Meaney
    Milka Ahlroth

    A fresh take on the bromance film, Parked deals with Fred, a colorless forty-something Irishman who has lost everything and is therefore forced to live in his car. At his parking spot, he soon gets to know Cathal, a dope-smoking 21-year-old with a positive attitude who appears to be his ‘neighbor’. At first, Fred is reluctant towards Cathal. As they grow closer however, the influence of these two outsiders on each other will change their lives....Read more

    Run and Jump (Friday January 24, 2014)

    Run and Jump film poster Director
    Steph Green
    Maxine Peake
    Edward MacLiam
    Will Forte

    This small and sympathetic film didn’t get as much exposure as it deserved, which is why it can’t be absent on this list. Run & Jump is the story of a family dealing with a father whose character isn’t quite the same after he suffered stroke. His wife is determined to take him back home and tries to get everything back to normal. An American doctor is staying with the family to study the father’s behavior and possible improvements, which of course only makes things more complicated as he falls in love with the mother....Read more

    What Richard Did (Friday May 10, 2013)

    What Richard Did film poster Director
    Lenny Abrahamson
    Jack Reynor
    Fionn Walton
    Gavin Drea

    Director Lenny Abrahamson received quite some praise for his debut Adam and Paul in 2004, which was a touching and funny film about two Dubliner dope heads. What Richard Did is something entirely different. A solid drama about a promising teenager who is in the wrong fight at the wrong time, with all the disastrous consequences. Really well acted and with an ending that avoids the clichés. Nothing groundbreaking going on here, but it’s definitely worth watching....Read more

    The Eclipse (Friday April 24, 2009)

    The Eclipse film poster Director
    Conor McPherson
    Ciarán Hinds
    Iben Hjejle
    Aidan Quinn

    A somewhat odd story of a widower coming to terms with himself. Odd in the sense that the film is both a horror film and a typical, subtle European family drama. It works on both sides, however. Ciarán Hinds (it’s never hard to feel sorry for that guy) plays the widower who volunteers at an annual literature festival. His life is turned upside down when he becomes romantically involved with an attending writer. At the same time he’s suffering from horrible visions. Everything might be connected…...Read more