Best new Coming-of-age movies (2017) - Top Netflix & Cinema

Growing pains, entering adolescence… it is an endless source of inspiration for filmmakers. Check out our favorite coming of age movies of the last couple of years.
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best coming-of-age movies of 2017 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Naji Abu Nowar, Marielle Heller & Rick Famuyiwa our new coming-of-age genre directors? The main focus is on international art house & American and British indie cinema.

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Popular actorsJacir Eid Al-Hwietat, Hussein Salameh Al-Sweilhiyeen & Shameik Moore
Trending moviesThe Goob, Theeb & The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Anticipated 2017 coming-of-age movies to watch

    20th Century Women (Friday January 20, 2017)

    20th Century Women film poster Director
    Mike Mills
    Annette Bening
    Elle Fanning
    Greta Gerwig

    Surrounded by a bunch of eccentric and free-spirited women, 16 year old punk rock kid Jamie grows up in Los Angeles in the 1970's. Another brilliant dramedy from the writer/director of 'Beginners'. Soaked in Californian sunlight and full of wisdom....Read more

Best coming-of-age movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

2010's best rated coming-of-age movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Boyhood (Friday August 15, 2014)

    Boyhood film poster Director
    Richard Linklater
    Ellar Coltrane
    Patricia Arquette
    Ethan Hawke

    An epic endeavour that defines the passion of movie making; the story highlights the life of a boy as he transforms from a young...Read more

    My Life as a Dog (Tuesday March 24, 1987)

    My Life as a Dog film poster Director
    Lasse Hallström
    Anton Glanzelius
    Tomas von Brömssen
    Anki Lidén

    Based on a captivating novel that showcases the story of a boy who doesn't seem to go well with his brother, hence...Read more

    Mud (Friday May 10, 2013)

    Mud film poster Director
    Jeff Nichols
    Matthew McConaughey
    Tye Sheridan
    Jacob Lofland

    The plot follows a fugitive who is in love, and while he is on the run from the law, he comes across two young boys who promise...Read more

    Fish Tank (Friday September 11, 2009)

    Fish Tank film poster Director
    Andrea Arnold
    Katie Jarvis
    Michael Fassbender
    Kierston Wareing

    A young teenager lives with her mother at home, but things take an unexpected and abrupt turn for her when her mother makes a...Read more

    Respire (Friday September 11, 2015)

    Respire film poster Director
    Mélanie Laurent
    Joséphine Japy
    Lou de Laâge
    Isabelle Carré

    An ordinary French sub-urban teenager befriends an outrageous, rebellious girl at school and then begins to realize how...Read more

    Bande de Filles (Wednesday October 22, 2014)

    Bande de Filles film poster Director
    Céline Sciamma
    Karidja Touré
    Assa Sylla
    Lindsay Karamoh

    A smart girl, with real potential, joins a gang to seek emancipation and subsequently gains confidence but soon she begins to...Read more

    La meraviglie (Friday October 30, 2015)

    La meraviglie film poster Director
    Alice Rohrwacher
    Alba Rohrwacher
    Maria Alexandra Lungu
    Sam Louwyck

    Rohrwacher’s second feature after her promising debut Corpo Celeste (2011) is a poetic, sundrenched portrait of an Italian family of bee-keepers and a coming-of-age story of a young girl at the same time. Through the eyes of the eldest daughter, we follow the family’s attempts to keep their heads above the water in a society that is undervaluing a traditional rural lifestyle more and more. Cinematographer Helene Louvart camerawork is outstanding in its elegance, use of color and simplicity....Read more