Best thriller movies of 2013/2014 – New Psychological thrillers

Here a list of the new foreign thriller movies of 2014 and the best of 2013 & 2012. Here we have put the very best psychological thrillers and action crime thrillers together. In Europe also France and the UK (not just Scandinavia) have produced some excellent ones that are now out on DVD or running in the cinema in 2013/2014. Next to series they can also make great films in this genre. From the classic police detectives to more surprising plots. This year the European thrillers are expanded to other foreign thriller movies, like Asian thriller movies (Japanese, Korean and Chinese) and Latin American movies in 2014. 

Upcoming New Thriller cinema in 2014

A list of thriller in no particular order. These are the new European thriller releases of 2014.

The Keeper of Lost causes (2014)

This new Danish thriller was already released in 2013, but will be getting its international release in 2014. It was a record-breaking film box office wise, and seems to be the next big thing coming from Scandinavia in in the thriller genre. It is produced by the makers of the Swedish blockbusters, the Millennium trilogy. You can read more about it in our Danish film section.

Pioneer (2014)

Another highly anticipated 2014 thriller is coming from that other Scandinavian country, Norway. The Pioneer is an eighties thriller about a conspiracy taking place during the Norwegian Oil Boom. It is directed by the biggest name in Norwegian thriller cinema, Erik Skjoldbjærg, who is most famous for Insomnia (1997) of which Christopher Nolan made a remake.

Bypass (2014)

Upcoming British thriller movie set in the north-east of the UK in 2014

Bypass is looking to be the most exciting British thriller movie of 2014. It is going to be the second film by UK director Duana Hopkins, whose first film Better Things (2008) was a pretty good drama. It stars popular British actor George Mackay, and is about being a good person (or thinking you are) even though you are a criminal. Looking to be a new psychological thriller.

La French (2014)

This is an upcoming French thriller movie in 2014 that is about a French police magistrate who has been fighting drug gangs for years. One of the hottest crime/drugs films coming from Europe in 2014.

Other new foreign thriller movies – Upcoming Asian thriller cinema in 2014

From the Japanese horror master Kurosawa (not related), we have this year the Japanese thriller The Seventh Code (2014), a movie filled with mystery and suspense. But even more importantly, there is the Japanese suspense film The Snow White Murder Case (2014) by one of Japan’s most talented directors, Nakamura. Here is a trailer of The Snow White Murder Case, which will be released in March 2014 in Japan.

The new South-Korean thriller movie ‘Target’ (2014) which is a remake of the popular French version. The South-Korean adaptation might even be more interesting than the original.

From China/Hong Kong we are anticipating the police film That Demon Within (2014) from Hong Kong director Dante Lam. Responsible for one of the best Chinese thriller movies out there, we have high very hopes. Here is a teaser.

Do you know if anything good is coming from South-America?

European best thriller movies of 2013

Among all the country releases we are anticipating this year there are quite a lot of psychological and suspense thrillers. Here we have made a selection of the very best thrillers of 2013 – for the others you should visit our New movies of 2013 section.

A 2012 Danish Detective thriller

New British thriller movie of 2013 by Danny Boyle with James McAvoy – Trance

Trance hit theatres in the middle of March 2013, and was immediately well received. We were expecting nothing different – everything Danny Boyle seems to touch lately turns into gold. Recent success in a variety of different genre movies (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 hours)  proves he is a multi-talented director. One of the most popular filmmakers at the moment. Trance is an engaging crime thriller movie with James McAvoy about an art auctioneer who receives help from a hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting.

A Swedish psychological thriller for in April 2013: Den som soker

Den som Soker (English title: Crestfallen) is a new Swedish psychological thriller film that will be what the suspense fans are looking for. After the huge success of the Stieg Larsson books and films (both Swedish and American), eyes are on Scandinavian countries for upcoming thrillers. Another one to look out for is the Danish film version of the  acclaimed detective tv show ‘The Killing’. Coming back to Sweden, the Swedish director Nicolas Winding Refn of 2011’s best Hollywood movie ‘Drive’ is releasing a crime thriller called ‘Only God Forgives’ with Ryan Gosling in May 2013.

Spain comes with the blockbuster ‘Los ultimos dias’

An adventure thriller about a post-apocalyptic tale. It has the making of a popular with its big budget and (for many people) appealing story. We have already discussed it extensively in our New Action movies of 2013 – Suspense movies from Europe

Other notable European projects:

French director Louis Leterrier, after helping produce French movies, is now making it big in the US. Next to the popular Transporter Movies and The Hulk, he is now making a very anticipated Hollywood Thriller called ‘Now You See Me’.

Top 5 best thriller movies of 2012 from European soil

Of course not every country has produced a good thriller movie this year. We have selected five films that fit the thriller genre. The countries that have produced them are England, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany. If there is a national detective thriller that you feel should be be mentioned, please do so in the comment section. We have made a selection through pre-selection so we are bound to have missed one or two gems here and there.

The American-Spanish produced drama thriller ‘The Impossible’

This actually is more of an American production, but it has a very European vibe about it. It is directed by the talented Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona who in 2009 had great success with the suspense thriller/horror the Orphanage. In this flick British Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts play a family being struck by one of the most desastrous natural catastrophes of our time – The 2004 Tsunami. The film will be released in American cinema’s in October 2012.


A Danish psychological detective thriller movie of 2012 – Those who Kill (also a series)

Based on the rather successful tv series that goes by the same name. In the Danish series we follow a female detective who gets help from a psychologist in solving murder cases. Not just normal murders, they are a special unit that deals only with serial killers. All the episodes are very suspenseful, but we feel the movie does not quite do the same. It is nonetheless an interesting film for the psychological thriller fan.


The English/British action thriller by Ralph Fiennes – Corolianus

‘A banished roman hero, Coriolanus, will attempt by making alliance with his greatest enemy to destroy Rome.’ It sounds rather spectacular and over the top, and perhaps that is somewhat the case. Nevertheless, the film has been received rather well, and it seems that Ralph Fiennes is not just a brilliant actor, but also a decent director. It has for instance been nominated for a BAFTA award. This thriller also made it to our best British (UK) movies of 2012.


Dutch classic-type thriller film by Dick Maas – Quiz

Perhaps not the best of all films, but definitely an action type thriller in the purest form.  The story is simple, but yet pretty appealing. The Dutch director Dick Maas is not know for being subtle or elegant. And there is no need for it either. What you see is what you. The same is true for this movie that is about a gameshow host who suddenly sees the roles in the game being turned around. Unfortunately for him the rules have also changed a little The life of his wife and daughter is at stake.