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Ever since the invention of the art of film, Sweden played a leading role in European cinema. Check out our list for the latest Swedish revelations!
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best Swedish movies of 2016 in cinema or on DVD or Netfix. Are Sanna Lenken, Ruben Östlund & Roy Andersson Sweden's biggest directors?

Swedish movies 2016
Popular actors Rebecka Josephson, Amy Diamond & Henrik Norlén
Trending movies Turist, A Pigeon Sat on a Banch Reflecting on & Min Lilla Syster

Best Swedish movies on Netflix or DVD in 2016

Best Swedish movies out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Turist (30-12-2014)
  2. Without a doubt one of the most interesting auteurs of contemporary cinema, Ruben Östlund finally gained the international attention he deserved with his latest masterpiece. Like his other films, Force Majeure is a psychological exploration of human shortcomings. The story evolves around a well-to-do family on a ski holiday which takes an unpleasant turn as the family is (seemlingy) nearly killed by an avalanche and the father runs away to save his own ass instead of his family’s. What follows is darkly comic tale about bad conscience and irretrievable trust. One of our 2014 favorites!

    Trailer of Turist on Youtube

    Release date 30-12-2014
    Director Ruben Östlund (Involuntary, Play & The Guitar Mongoloid)
    Starring Johannes Kuhnke, Lisa Loven Kongsli & Clara Wettergren
    Similar movies L'enfant d'en haut, The One I Love & All That Matters Is Past
    Themes families, marriage, drama,
    Rating 90%
    Country Denmark • France • Norway • Sweden •
    Keywords astonishing • evocative •
    Length 120 minutes
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  3. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (06-03-2015)
  4. Roy Andersson isn’t exactly what you would call a prolific director; in a carreer spanning over 40 years, he made only five films. Still, he’s one of Sweden’s most beloved and influential film makers of the last decades. A Pigeon is the last part of a trilogy, together with Songs from the Second Floor (2007) and You, the Living (2007). Like these two films, it’s a meticulously crafted mosaic comedy about contemporary Sweden and its (often) unfortunate inhabitants. Andersson is the type of director you’ll love or hate, but his absurd and hilarious vignettes sure won us over.

    Trailer of A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence on Youtube

    Release date 06-03-2015
    Director Roy Andersson (A Swedish Love Story, Songs from the Second Floor & You, The Living)
    Starring Holger Andersson, Nils Westblom & Viktor Gyllenberg
    Themes friendship, men, comedy, drama,
    Rating 82%
    Country France • Germany • Norway • Sweden •
    Keywords absurd • hilarious •
    Length 101 minutes
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  5. Vi är bäst! (20-06-2014)
  6. Incorrectly heralded as the new Ingmar Bergman, Moodysson demonstrated that he is a whole different kind of auteur filmmaker. And one that I appreciate immensely. There is no one who can make warm naturalist films like Moodysson, making even clichés feel heartfelt and sincere. Most people will know him from the small-town coming-of-age film Fucking Amal about two young girls exploring their lesbian sexuality. In the meanwhile he made a few darker and heavier drama’s which I am not too excited about, but with We Are the Best! he is back. It is a touching little film about three young girls starting a punk band in the Stockholm of the eighties.

    Trailer of Vi är bäst! on Youtube

    Release date 20-06-2014
    Director Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Love, Together & Lilya 4-Ever)
    Starring Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin & Liv LeMoyne
    Similar movies SLC Punk!, Submarine & Bande de Filles
    Themes growing up, jealousy, drama, musical,
    Rating 84%
    Country Denmark • Sweden •
    Keywords adorable • dynamic •
    Length 102 minutes
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  7. Aterträffen (15-11-2013)
  8. A 2013 Swedish film by one of Sweden’s most famous artists Anna Odell. She made a name for herself by faking a psychosis, and since then ranks among the most controversial artists in Europe. I would not say this one is controversial, but it definitely experimentally interesting, and I did really enjoy it.

    Trailer of Aterträffen on Youtube

    Release date 15-11-2013
    Director Anna Odell (The Reunion & Okänd, kvinna 2009-349701)
    Starring Anna Odell, Anders Berg & David Nordström
    Similar movies Festen, Carrie & Hotell
    Themes bullying, high school, drama,
    Rating 70%
    Country Sweden •
    Keywords awkward • believable •
    Length 90 minutes
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  9. Call Girl (09-11-2012)
  10. A very solid drama film based on true events, which takes its time to enfold, but ultimately fails to convince. It does, however, deserve to be mentioned on this top list as it revives the seventies in a pretty good way (don’t resist comparing it to American Hustle), and because it tells a story that needs to be told. Call Girl is inspired on the scandal which had Sweden in its grip in the seventies – high placed officials were being linked to underage prostitution. The film tells the story from multiple perspectives, but together with two young girls being seduced and forced to work as call girls, the viewer gets introduced into the dark hidden side of power. It is gritty and complex, but like American Hustle it remains too much to the surface with a story that gets boring too quickly.

    Trailer of Call Girl on Youtube

    Release date 09-11-2012
    Director Mikael Marcimain (Gentlemen)
    Starring Sofia Karemyr, Simon J. Berger & Josefin Asplund
    Similar movies Svinalängorna, Spies & Glistrup & Welcome to New York
    Rating 76%
    Country Finland • Ireland {Republic} • Norway • Sweden •
    Length 140 minutes
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  11. Eat Sleep Die (05-10-2012)
  12. Another heavy themed drama, but a lot stronger than Call Girl, is Eat Sleep Die (2013). Yet again, a story that needed to be told. Not because of its historic value, but because of its contemporary relevance. It tells the tale of a young hard working low-skilled immigrant coming to Sweden in search of a better life. But like immigrants in the whole of Western Europe, she is amongst the most vulnerable in society. This becomes evident quickly when she gets fired from her factory job, and is left out on the streets. It exposes the hypocrisy of Western societies telling immigrants they are responsible for their own success, but not giving them equal opportunities. It is a raw film with a camera style reminding one of the Dardenne brothers, that although it is not the most coherent of films, is worth the watch.

    Trailer of Eat Sleep Die on Youtube

    Release date 05-10-2012
    Director Gabriela Pichler (Scratches)
    Starring Nermina Lukac, Milan Dragisic & Jonathan Lampinen
    Similar movies Lilja 4-ever & Mig äger ingen
    Rating 69%
    Country Sweden •
    Length 104 minutes
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  13. Play (11-11-2011)
  14. We have reached the very best Swedish film of the 2010’s, and Play deserves the number one spot. There are few observationalist films that can with distanced and static camerawork manage to pull you in. Just like in his earlier film, Involuntary (2008), Ruben Ostlund knows in Play how to expose society’s awkwardness and hypocrisy while at the same time producing hugely enjoyable films. Play is based on real-life examples of bullying in the Gothenburg area. There young gangs robbed middle-class white kids, not by physical violence but by elaborate role-play and psychological games.

    Trailer of Play on Youtube

    Release date 11-11-2011
    Director Ruben Östlund (Involuntary, Incident by a Bank & Force Majeure)
    Starring Anas Abdirahman, Sebastian Blyckert & Yannick Diakité
    Similar movies Farväl Falkenberg, Apflickorna & En kärlekshistoria
    Themes bullying, social issue, drama,
    Rating 89%
    Country Sweden •
    Keywords phenomenal • realistic •
    Length 118 minutes
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  15. Avalon (24-02-2012)
  16. Now we are reaching the very good stuff. Avalon is one of the many films out there about decadence, but it manages to show it an interesting new light. In a sense it is an all-out attack on the older Swedish generation. According to director Axel Petersén the wealthy and decadent older Swedes have no respect for youth and have themselves never grown up, and refuse to make room for younger generations. In Avalon we follow Janne, a 60-year old party promoter, and his blasé sister who both represent this generation to the extreme. They have come over to help a friend out setting up his new nightclub, but all they do is hang around and enjoy themselves at the beach and the countryside. Then an accident happens exposing the depth of their indifference.

    Trailer of Avalon on Youtube

    Release date 24-02-2012
    Director Axel Petersén (The Numerologist, A Good Friend of Mr. World & The Tracks of My Tears 2)
    Starring Johannes Brost, Peter Carlberg & Léonore Ekstrand
    Similar movies Dag och natt & Call Girl
    Themes career, old age, drama, thriller,
    Rating 66%
    Country Sweden •
    Keywords chilling • incomparable •
    Length 79 minutes
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