Best new Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows (2017 overview - TV & Netflix)

The Vore's TV staff selects the top best post-apocalyptic TV series of 2017 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Frank Darabont, Stephen Chbosky & Josh Schaer our new Post-Apocalyptic genre creators?

Like the sci-fi genre, the post apocalyptic genre reminds us of the dangers current society is posing, and ultimately asks us the question whether we are going in the right direction. Next to that, it's just a great premise for action drama and adventure stories, as it gives the opportunity to build new worlds.

2017 releases - most anticipated titles to watch

Extinct (18-1-2017 | BYUtv)

From the author of Ender's Game. 400 years after the human race has been exterminated by aliens, survivors try and restart human civilization. They get help from Aliens who wish to restore the human race, while fighting of the Aliens that want to destroy each and last one of us.

Photo of Extinct
CreatorOrson Scott Card & Aaron Johnson
Themesscience fiction,
CountryUnited States

Best post-apocalyptic TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

Best post-apocalyptic TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. The Walking Dead (Since 31-10-2010 , Season: 7 - AMC)
  2. A group of survivors do everything they need to after a zombie-apocalypse. Fantastic, very exciting show!

    CreatorFrank Darabont
    Starring Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal & Sarah Wayne Callies
    Similar tv showsFear the Walking Dead
    Themesdeath, survival, drama, horror,
    Keywordsaction-packed, creepy, dark,
    CountryUnited States
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  3. Jericho (Since 20-9-2006 , Season: 2 - CBS)
  4. A mushroom cloud suddenly appears nearby Denver, which leaves the residents of an adjacent town longing for answers.

    Creator Stephen Chbosky, Josh Schaer & Jonathan E. Steinberg
    StarringSkeet Ulrich, Lennie James & Ashley Scott
    Similar tv showsSurvivors
    Themesdarkness, death, survival, action, drama,
    Keywordsaction-packed, dramatic, mysterious,
    CountryUnited States
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  5. Survivors (Since 20-11-2008 , Season: 2 - BBC One)
  6. A virus kills 90 % of the population, leaving the immune in a quiet, scary new world.

    CreatorAdrian Hodges
    Starring Julie Graham, Max Beesley & Paterson Joseph
    Similar tv showsJericho
    Themesdeath, survival, drama, science fiction,
    Keywordsdramatic, futuristic, mysterious,
    CountryUnited Kingdom
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  7. Falling Skies (Since 19-6-2011 , Season: 5 - TNT)
  8. After a devastating alien attack, those who survived group together to protect themselves.

    CreatorRobert Rodat
    StarringNoah Wyle, Drew Roy & Maxim Knight
    Similar tv showsRevolution, Under the Dome
    Themesdeath, extraterrestial life, survival, action, science fiction,
    Keywordsaction-packed, awe-inspiring, dramatic, well-designed,
    CountryCanada United States
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  9. The 100 (Since 19-3-2014 , Season: 3 - The CW)
  10. A spaceship with a hundred people aboard lands on earth to repopulate the Earth - a century after the apocalypse. A sci-fi teen series.

    Creator Jason Rothenberg
    Starring Eliza Taylor, Eli Goree & Thomas McDonell
    Similar tv showsThe Vampire Diaries
    Themessurvival, drama, mystery,
    Keywordsaction-packed, addictive, dreamlike, futuristic,
    CountryUnited States
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Post-Apocalyptic genre statistics

Genre popularity
Genre ranking#17
Familiar faces Eliza Taylor, Eli Goree & Thomas McDonell
Trending showsThe 100, Falling Skies & The Walking Dead
Amount of genre shows per year from 2010 to 2017

2 post-apocalyptic TV series scheduled for release this year.

The genre about the world after huge catastrophes is a small one, but there are many genres that play into the sentiment. Like most zombie tv shows. Nonetheless, it remains a pretty popular genre, and at least around 3 shows are released each year.