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A problem every foreign film fan is facing is that it is so difficult to watch foreign movies online with English subtitles. Especially if you want to watch them for free, you will find that it is rather difficult. First of all, it is a chore to find the Foreign films you have on your watch list, and secondly, getting the right English subtitles is even more difficult. We would like to help you there. We have a selection of the best Foreign movies by country that you can instantly watch online. However, it is not for free. We want filmmakers to continue making films, so we support legal online film watching.


!However, we have now a section with free legal films, like the Free Russian movies to watch online with English subtitles, and also Watch Asian movies for free with subtitles.

On you can Watch Foreign Movies online by country

In our European film section you can watch movies online from all the bigger European countries like France, Italy and England. In this Online Foreign movies section we focus on the smaller European countries, and other non-European countries like for instance Japan and Russia. We also take you through the finest movies by genre. In each article there will the possibility to watch films online through our reliable partners. By clicking on the Foreign movies drop-down menu you can see which countries we have.

Go directly to the Watch European Movies online section, for an overview of all the big countries.

Top 7 Most Popular Films – Watch Foreign Movies online

The online film websites we have a partnership with are very reliable and trustworthy. They have been around for a long time, and are the most respected internet companies in the world. Please note that Amazon Instant video is exclusively for US Citizens. Netflix is for quite a lot of countries in the world, and is perfect for most Europeans.

Remember that this is a top 10 of the best foreign movies excluding the big European countries. For reviews and trailers of the below mentioned movies you should check out our best Foreign Movies section.

Nr. 1 South Korean Movie online: Old Boy

Watch Foreign Movies online - Great South Korean Drama Thriller

Currently on the most popular Foreign movie with ratings by over 6000 members. It is an incredibly good movie and at the moments ranks #91 on IMDb’s best movie list.

Watch Old Boy online via Amazon

Or watch Old Boy online via Netflix.

No. 1 Japanese movie online: Seven Samurai

Watch Foreign Films online

This all-time greatest Japanese Classic is now available to watch instantly online. Seven oldschool Samurai pick up arms to protect a village by resorting to the old ways of samurai.

Watch Seven Samurai online via Amazon

Or watch Seven Samurai online via Netflix.

No. 1 Russian Movie online: The Return

Online Foreign Movies

Return is a fantastic for a Golden Globe nominated Russian movie that is one of the most popular recent Russian films according to it’s population. Also out side of Russia Andrei Zvyagintsev’s film did¬†pretty well.

Watch The Return online via Amazon

Or watch The Return online via Netflix.

No. 1 Chinese Movie online: Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs or Mou Gaan Dou is one of these films that will blow your socks off. A typical classic story about cops, but then in Hong Kong.

Internal Affairs is not yet available through Amazon Instant Video

You can however watch Internal Affairs online via Netflix.

We shall quickly add move films. If you cannot find it here we of course recommend Netflix and Lovefilm to Watch Foreign movies online with English subtitles.