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A small country, but rich in terms of cinema. Taiwanese cinema in the 80's was amazing. But besides Taiwanese new wave there is much more to enjoy online.
Enjoy free Taiwanese movies. Taiwan is the film country of filmmakers like Edward Yang, Hou Hsiao-Hsien & Ang Lee. Explore Taiwan's public domain cinema & television on The Vore. Legally watch free Taiwanese movies online with English subtitles (Youtube, Hulu & etc.).

Where to watch movies in Taiwan?
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Free Taiwanese movies movies in the public domain.

Our selection of public domain Taiwanese movies & short films on Youtube, & Vimeo.

To turn on English subtitles for Youtube video's you might have to click on the CC Button.

    Mei (2007)

    Genre Romance,Short,
    Director Arvin Chen
    Cast Jack Yao, Wu Char-Wei & Bi Zr-Gang
    Length 13 minutes
    Keywords Adorable • Emotional •
    Country Taiwan •
    Stream link Mei online

    The Skywalk is Gone (2002)

    Genre Short,
    Director Tsai Ming-liang
    Cast Chen Shiang-chyi & Lee Kang-sheng
    Length 42 minutes
    Keywords Insightful • Interesting •
    Country Taiwan •
    Stream link The Skywalk is Gone online

All these above English subtitled Taiwanese movies can be watched without downloading. But if you wish, you CAN legally download public domain movies.

Legal subtitled Taiwanese movies online

US residents may enjoy Hulu & Snagfilms - The Vore selects their top 2.

    Girlfriend Boyfriend (2012)

    Genre Historical,Romance,
    Director Ya-che Yang
    Cast Bryan Shu-Hao Chang, Hsiao-chuan Chang & Gwei Lun-Mei
    Length 106 minutes
    Keywords Charming • Insightful •
    Country Taiwan •
    Stream link Girlfriend Boyfriend online

    Island Etude (Lian Xi Qu) (2006)

    Genre Coming-of-age,Drama,
    Director Huai-en Chen
    Cast Hsiao-shun Hsu, Ming-hsiang Tung & Chien-ho Wang
    Length 108 minutes
    Keywords Enchanting • Heartfelt •
    Country Taiwan •
    Stream link Island Etude (Lian Xi Qu) online


Where to stream tv online in Taiwan?

Taiwan is also the country of tv series like Liu xing hua yuan, Huan zhu ge ge & Autumn's Concerto. Check out what is available right now.

Free subtitled tv series from Taiwan on Hulu, Youtube etc.

    Channel-X (2010)

    Genre Romance,Thriller,
    Director Jiang Feng Hong & Song Dong Ting
    Cast Cheng Joe, Kuo Amber & Chen Michelle
    Length 43 minutes
    Keywords Action-packed • Entertaining •
    Country Taiwan •
    Stream link Channel-X online

    My Queen (2009)

    Genre Comedy,Romance,
    Director Lin Qing Zhen
    Cast Cheryl Yang, Ethan Juan & Harry Chang
    Length 70 minutes
    Keywords Funny • Pleasant •
    Country Taiwan •
    Stream link My Queen online

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