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From Dogma to big budget tv series, Denmark has it all. Luckily quite a few Danish shorts are available online, as well as older classics from Denmark like Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages.
Enjoy free Danish movies. Denmark is the film country of filmmakers like Lars von Trier, Susanne Bier & Carl Theodor Dreyer. Explore Denmark's public domain cinema & television on The Vore. Legally watch free Danish movies online with English subtitles (Youtube, Hulu & etc.).

Where to watch movies in Denmark?

Free Danish movies movies in the public domain.

Our selection of public domain Danish movies & short films on Youtube, & Vimeo.

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    The President (Præsidenten) (1919)

    Genre Drama,Political,
    Director Carl Theodor Dreyer
    Cast Richard Christensen, Hallander Helleman & Halvard Hoff
    Length 84 minutes
    Keywords Action-packed • Fascinating • Historical •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link The President (Præsidenten) online

    Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)

    Genre Horror,Occult,
    Director Benjamin Christensen
    Cast Maren Pedersen, Benjamin Christensen & Elisabeth Christensen
    Length 76 minutes
    Keywords Scary • Spooky •
    Country Denmark • Sweden •
    Stream link Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages online

    Tur-Retur (Round-trip) (2014)

    Genre Drama,Short,
    Director Emilie Rasmussen
    Cast Frederikke J. Madsen, Magnus R. Poulsen & Emilie Rasmussen
    Length 5 minutes
    Keywords Riveting • Surprising •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link Tur-Retur (Round-trip) online

    Beast (2010)

    Genre Family,Short,
    Director Lars Arendt
    Cast Anne Louise Hassing, Lars Bom & Frederik Tingsø
    Length 15 minutes
    Keywords Decent • Marvelous •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link Beast online

    Election Night (Valgaften) (1998)

    Genre Comedy,Short,
    Director Anders Thomas Jensen
    Cast Ulrich Thomsen, Jens Jørn Spottag & John Martinus
    Length 11 minutes
    Keywords Hilarious • Magnificent •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link Election Night (Valgaften) online

All these above English subtitled Danish movies can be watched without downloading. But if you wish, you CAN legally download public domain movies.

Legal subtitled Danish movies online

US residents may enjoy Hulu & Snagfilms - The Vore selects their top 2.

    The Green Butchers (De Grønne Slagtere (2003)

    Genre Comedy,Indie,
    Director Anders Thomas Jensen
    Cast Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mads Mikkelsen en Line Kruse
    Length 100 minutes
    Keywords Fantastic • Hilarious •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link The Green Butchers (De Grønne Slagtere online

    Terribly Happy (Frygtelig Lykkelig) (2008)

    Genre Comedy,Crime,
    Director Henrik Ruben Genz
    Cast Jakob Cedergren, Kim Bodnia and Lene Maria Christensen
    Length 90 minutes
    Keywords Absurd • Surprising •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link Terribly Happy (Frygtelig Lykkelig) online


Where to stream tv online in Denmark?
TV 2
TV 3

Denmark is also the country of tv series like Borgen, Forbrydelsen & Arvingerne. Check out what is available right now.

Free subtitled tv series from Denmark on Hulu, Youtube etc.

    Klovn (2005)

    Genre Comedy,Drama,
    Director Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam
    Cast Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen & Mia Lyhne
    Length 25 minutes
    Keywords Awkward • Hilarious •
    Country Denmark •
    Stream link Klovn online

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