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China is a Western art house darling, and many independent Chinese movies are only being made for Western audiences. But fortunately this was not always the case. We have some great classic Chinese movies online here.
Enjoy free Chinese movies. China is the film country of filmmakers like Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige & Zhangke Jia. Explore China's public domain cinema & television on The Vore. Legally watch free Chinese movies online with English subtitles (Youtube, Hulu & etc.).

Where to watch movies in China?

Free Chinese movies movies in the public domain.

Our selection of public domain Chinese movies & short films on Youtube, & Vimeo.

To turn on English subtitles for Youtube video's you might have to click on the CC Button.

    Spring in a Small Town (1948)

    DirectorMu Fei
    CastWei Wei, Yu Shi & Wei Li
    Length85 minutes
    KeywordsHistorical • Interesting •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkSpring in a Small Town online

    This Life of Mine (1950)

    DirectorHui Shi
    CastHui Shi, Heling Wei & Yang Shen
    Length120 minutes
    KeywordsEducational • Touching •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkThis Life of Mine online

    Princess Iron Fan (1941)

    DirectorWan Guchan & Wan Laiming
    CastWan Guchan, Wan Laiming & Wan Chaochen
    Length65 minutes
    KeywordsPhenomenal • Whimsical •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkPrincess Iron Fan online

    Bus 44 (2001)

    DirectorDayyan Eng
    CastBeibi Gong, Chao Wu & Qiang Li
    Length12 minutes
    KeywordsExciting • Intense •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkBus 44 online

    The Blood Of Yingzhou District (2006)

    DirectorRuby Yang
    CastRuby Yang
    Length40 minutes
    KeywordsCaptivating • Shocking •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkThe Blood Of Yingzhou District online

    The Sand Storm (2014)

    GenreShort,Science Fiction,
    DirectorJason Wishnow
    CastWeiwei Ai, Hu Jianing & Peter Le
    Length9 minutes
    KeywordsExhilarating • Futuristic •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkThe Sand Storm online

All these above English subtitled Chinese movies can be watched without downloading. But if you wish, you CAN legally download public domain movies.

Legal subtitled Chinese movies online

US residents may enjoy Hulu & Snagfilms - The Vore selects their top 2.

    Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008)

    DirectorDaniel Lee
    CastAndy Lau, Maggie Q & Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
    Length102 minutes
    KeywordsAction-packed • Dynamic •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkThree Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon online

    Shaolin (2011)

    GenreAction,Martial arts,
    DirectorBennie Chan
    CastAndy Lau, Nicholas Tse & Jackie Chan
    Length131 minutes
    KeywordsAction-packed • Spectacular •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkShaolin online


Where to stream tv online in China?

China is also the country of tv series like San guo yan yi, Pin zui Zhang Damin de xing fu sheng huo & Beijing ren zai Niu Yue (. Check out what is available right now.

Free subtitled tv series from China on Hulu, Youtube etc.

    Boss & Me (2014)

    DirectorLiu Jun Jie
    CastZhang Han, Zhao Li Ying & Huang Ming
    Length45 minutes
    KeywordsEntertaining • Romantic •
    CountryChina •
    Stream linkBoss & Me online

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