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Every Movie fanatic is surprised by the amount of high quality Danish movies produced in Denmark. It is very peculiar that such a small country has such a big film industry. More and more people are getting hooked on the charming Danish Films and the adorable Danish Language. Here you can also get the chance to fall in love with Danish movies. Below you can find a short introduction to Danish Cinema. For every film and tv series, trailers and reviews are included. You are also very welcome to leave your own reviews.

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We want to keep you up to date on the very best new Danish films that are recently released or that are about to be released. We have provided a complete list of the Danish movies that are scheduled for 2012. We have also made a selection of the Danish motion pictures that you must see. Read more in our new Danish movies  section.

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We feel that getting to know the best Danish Directors is an excellent way of getting familiar to a country’s cinema. Here are our most popular Danish Film Directors

Danish Movies

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Danish Films in a Nutshell

Recently, the Oscar-winning Movie ‘In a Better World’ confirmed what all Danish movie fanatics already knew. Danish directors may count themselves among the best in the word. In a better World is just one of the many enchanting movies Susanne Bier has made. Also in Hollywood she has been succesful with films like ‘Things We Lost in the Fire’. And she is not the only Danish director that has international success. Also the peculiar Lars Von Trier. He recently during the Cannes Film Festival shocked the world by saying he has sympathy for Hitler. Despite his statement his film still received the award for best film. The Danish films are also very well-known because of the large amount of successful children’s movies Denmark produces.

It is not just due to its international success that the Danish Film industry is so interesting.Adam's Apples- Danish Movies section Where they used to fascinate the world with their experimental dogma 95′ films, they are now also very good at creating very smoothly produced movies. The Dark humor is one of its main characteristics. Another fun thing is the fact that due to its small population, Denmark does not have a lot of actors. Therefore, you will see a lot of the same actors in different films. This is not annoying at all, on the contrary, it is very entertaining to see familiar faces in different movies. Actors like Mads Mikkelsen and Ulrich Thomsen are omnipresent in Danish Movies..

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