Best new Post-Apocalyptic TV series (2016 overview - TV & Netflix)

The Vore's TV staff selects the top best post-apocalyptic TV series of 2016 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Frank Darabont, Stephen Chbosky & Josh Schaer our new Post-Apocalyptic genre creators?

post-apocalyptic TV series2016
Popular actors Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal & Sarah Wayne Callies
Trending TV SeriesThe 100, Falling Skies & The Walking Dead

Best post-apocalyptic TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2016

Best post-apocalyptic TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. The Walking Dead (Since 31-10-2010 , Season: 7 - AMC)
  2. A group of survivors do everything they need to after a zombie-apocalypse. Fantastic, very exciting show!

    CreatorFrank Darabont
    Starring Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal & Sarah Wayne Callies
    Similar tv showsFear the Walking Dead
    Themesdeath, survival, drama, horror,
    Keywordsaction-packed, creepy, dark,
    CountryUnited States
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix / iTunes

  3. Jericho (Since 20-9-2006 , Season: 2 - CBS)
  4. A mushroom cloud suddenly appears nearby Denver, which leaves the residents of an adjacent town longing for answers.

    Creator Stephen Chbosky, Josh Schaer & Jonathan E. Steinberg
    StarringSkeet Ulrich, Lennie James & Ashley Scott
    Similar tv showsSurvivors
    Themesdarkness, death, survival, action, drama,
    Keywordsaction-packed, dramatic, mysterious,
    CountryUnited States
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix / iTunes

  5. Survivors (Since 20-11-2008 , Season: 2 - BBC One)
  6. A virus kills 90 % of the population, leaving the immune in a quiet, scary new world.

    CreatorAdrian Hodges
    Starring Julie Graham, Max Beesley & Paterson Joseph
    Similar tv showsJericho
    Themesdeath, survival, drama, science fiction,
    Keywordsdramatic, futuristic, mysterious,
    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix / iTunes

  7. Falling Skies (Since 19-6-2011 , Season: 5 - TNT)
  8. After a devastating alien attack, those who survived group together to protect themselves.

    CreatorRobert Rodat
    StarringNoah Wyle, Drew Roy & Maxim Knight
    Similar tv showsRevolution, Under the Dome
    Themesdeath, extraterrestial life, survival, action, science fiction,
    Keywordsaction-packed, awe-inspiring, dramatic, well-designed,
    CountryCanada United States
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix / iTunes

  9. The 100 (Since 19-3-2014 , Season: 3 - The CW)
  10. A spaceship with a hundred people aboard lands on earth to repopulate the Earth - a century after the apocalypse. A sci-fi teen series.

    Creator Jason Rothenberg
    Starring Eliza Taylor, Eli Goree & Thomas McDonell
    Similar tv showsThe Vampire Diaries
    Themessurvival, drama, mystery,
    Keywordsaction-packed, addictive, dreamlike, futuristic,
    CountryUnited States
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix / iTunes

New post-apocalyptic TV series

Best recent post-apocalyptic TV series

Colony by Ryan Condal, Carlton Cuse

Los Angelas has been made into a colony by a bunch of extraterrestial beings - which is a fact that some people even like. Those that don't, rebel and wage a war against powerful forces.

Release date14-1-2016
CountryUnited States
Starring Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies and Peter Jacobson
Associated withaction, adventure, science fiction,

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