Best new Dutch TV series (2016 overview - TV & Netflix)

The Vore's TV staff selects the top best Cuban TV series of 2016 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Antoinette Beumer, Els Buseman & Frank Ketelaar Netherlands's best creators?

Cuban TV series2016
Popular actorsHuub Stapel, Linda van Dyck & Anna Drijver
Trending TV SeriesMissie Aarde, Zwarte Tulp & Ramses

Best Cuban TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2016

Best Cuban TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Overspel (8-9-2011 )
  2. A photographer and a laywer engage in a steamy affair, after which their lives turn into a chaotic nightmare.

    Trailer of Overspel on Youtube

    Release date8-9-2011
    CreatorFrank Ketelaar
    StarringSylvia Hoeks, Kees Prins & Guido Pollemans
    Similar tv showsPenoza
    Themeslove, action, drama,
    CountryNetherlands •
    Keywordsdramatic • dynamic • intense • noteworthy •
    Buy/stream itAmazon / Netflix

  3. Penoza (12-9-2010 )
  4. After the death of her husband, a woman tries to deal the criminal organisation he left behind.

    Trailer of Penoza on Youtube

    Release date12-9-2010
    CreatorDiederik Van Rooijen & Pieter Bart Korthuis
    StarringMonic Hendrickx, Sigrid ten Napel & Stijn Taverne
    Similar tv showsSmeris
    Themescorruption, crime, drama,
    CountryNetherlands •
    Keywordsaction-packed • breath-taking • thrilling •
    Buy/stream itAmazon / Netflix

  5. Meiden van de Wit (13-10-2002 )
  6. Three Dutch sisters run a milkfactory.

    Trailer of Meiden van de Wit on Youtube

    Release date13-10-2002
    CreatorEdwin de Vries
    StarringFrédérique Huydts, Eva Duijvestein & Angela Schijf
    Similar tv showsDaglicht
    Themeswomen, working-class struggle, drama,
    CountryNetherlands •
    Keywordsamusing • family-oriented • heartfelt • romantic •
    NetworkNET 5
    Buy/stream itAmazon / Netflix

  7. Bellicher (7-11-2010 )
  8. A rising star within the software consultancy business, Michael Bellicher, witnesses a murder and is framed for it.

    Trailer of Bellicher on Youtube

    TrailerNo trailer available
    Release date7-11-2010
    CreatorCharles den Tex
    Starring Daan Schuurmans, Anna Drijver & Benja Bruijning
    Similar tv showsPenoza, Zwarte Tulp
    Themesconnections, conspiracy, technology, thriller,
    CountryNetherlands •
    Keywordsaction-packed • thrilling •
    Buy/stream itAmazon / Netflix

  9. Ramses (11-1-2014 )
  10. The life of the famous Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy.

    Trailer of Ramses on Youtube

    Release date11-1-2014
    CreatorMarnie Blok
    Starring Maarten Heijmans, Thomas Cammaert & Noortje Herlaar
    Similar tv showsTreme
    Themesfame, biographical, drama,
    CountryNetherlands •
    Keywordsbiographical • dramatic • historical • memorable •
    Buy/stream itAmazon / Netflix

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