The (almost) definitive 2016 round-up: 23 movies that truly stood out this year

Sure, we at The Vore pride ourselves on exploring cinema on a micro-level by focusing on the most obscure genres and the smallest countries, but at the end of each year, you can’t help creating a mental best-of list of which movie experiences truly got to you. And then it does not matter to which country or genre a movie belongs to. Here is our round-up of 2016’s over-all top entries. Prefer to go specific? Check out our Best new movies by genre or country. The following are the more major titles.


Denis Villeneuve whose Prisoners still holds the number one spot on our thriller genre list, now takes on the ambitious science fiction genre. Like recent sci-fi films like Gravity and Interstellar uses the spectacular unknown of outer space, not just for a great futuristic story, but also to examine the core of being human. In Arrival Amy Adams, delivers a confident role as a linguist tasked with attempting to communicate aliens that enter the earth’s orbit.