The Netherlands

The culture of The Netherlands is created by painters like Vincent van Gogh & Rembrandt van Rijn and writers like Gerard Reve & Harry Mulish. And also filmmakers like Paul Verhoeven & Alex van Warmerdam and musicians like Nick en Simon & Douwe Bob (Songfestival) represent The Netherlands. - Here The Vore provides The Netherlands's cinema & theater prices and links to culture & language.

Language - words & meanings

The Dutch language is rather difficult because of the irregular grammar, and harsh sounds to pronounce. For foreigners the Dutch G’s as in Groningen almost sound Arabic. On the other hand, very often, people find it easy to make themselves be understood because what you read is very close to how you pronounce it.

Here we have listed some great resources for learning Dutch.

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General information & average prices

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Price movie ticket $12
Price for a good theater ticket $55
Latest movies Prins (25-06-2015)
Nena (11-09-2014)
Borgman (29-08-2013)
Matterhorn (07-02-2013)
Wolf (19-09-2013)
Recent Movies from The Netherlands
Famous people Carice van Houten
Robin van Persie
Doutzen Kroes
Geert Wilders
Albert Verlinde
Arjen Robben
Ilse de Lange
Memphis Depay
Matthijs van Nieuwkerk
Mark Rutte
Celebrities from The Netherlands