The culture of Hungary is created by painters like Victor Vasarely & János Mattis-Teutsch and writers like Arthur Koestler & George Mikes. And also filmmakers like Ujj Mészáros & Béla Tarr and musicians like Franz Liszt & Béla Bartók represent Hungary. - Here The Vore provides Hungary's cinema & theater prices and links to culture & language.

Language - words & meanings

Hungarian is a very interesting language, with an unusual origin. It is part of the Uralic language family, which also includes Finnish and Estonian. Here we have listed some great resources that will help you get to know a little Hungarian.

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General information & average prices

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Price movie ticket $6
Price for a good theater ticket $20
Latest movies Feher Isten (12-06-2014)
A Nägy Fuzet (19-09-2013)
The Turin Horse (31-03-2011)
Pál Adrienn (17-03-2011)
Szelíd teremtés - A Frankenstein-terv (Kornél Mundruczó)

Recent Movies from Hungary
Famous people 'Barbara Palvin
Bela Tarr
Cseh László
George Soros
Katinka Hosszú
Kiss Norbert
László Nemes
Martin Starr
Nela Panghy Lee
Norbert Michelisz
Orban Viktor
Rubint Reka
Tim Howard
Viktor Kassai
Zoltán Erika'