Best new Science Fiction movies (2017) - Top Netflix & Cinema

In literature as well as in cinema snobs have a tendency to discard science fiction as a silly genre, as a commercial genre or simply as a genre lacking the depth required to be taken seriously. This list proves them wrong!
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best science fiction movies of 2017 in cinema or on DVD or Netfix. Are Morten Tyldum, J.J. Abrams & Ridley Scott our new science fiction genre directors?

In literature as well as in cinema snobs have a tendency to discard science fiction as a silly genre, as a commercial genre or simply as a genre lacking the depth required to be taken seriously. I will admit that science fiction films, especially sci-fi cinema in 2017, is not my genre of preference (mainly because it has become Hollywood’s genre of preference, producing the one huge shallow sci-fi blockbuster trilogy after the other), but I will be the first to acknowledge the importance of such films. In literature Vonnegut’s Slaughter House 5 told us more about the horrors of the Second World War than most novels combined, and in cinema a number of sci-fi films have told us more about human nature and society than most dramas combined. By taking us out of a familiar context they expose our fear, hypocrisy and confront us with questions we are reluctant to face.

I won’t be arguing that in the 2010’s up to 2017 we have seen a new 2001: A Space Odyssey (although one reminds us of Kubrick), but there are some incredible films made that should be on the best science fiction films of all time list. Here you can at least find films that are worthy to be on the best Sci-fi films of the 2010’s list.

science fiction genre statistics

science fiction2017
Rank#4 (List of most popular genres)
ActorsEmma Watson, Tom Hanks & Kirsten Dunst
TrendingEx Machina, The Martian & Star Wars Episode VII
Amount of genre films per year from 2010 to 2017

523 science fiction movies scheduled for release this year.

Slowly, year by year, more big budget sci-fi's were being released by Hollywood. Futuristic and dystopian flicks were eagerly received by the movie-going population, and studios increased their production. In 2016 the biggest spike occurred with 131 movies more than in 2015.

List of highest grossers of the decade & budget

TitleBox officeBudget
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)$2B$200M
Jurassic World (2015)$1.7B$150M
The Avengers (2012)$1.5B$220M
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2017 anticipated releases to watch

    Mute (Saturday February 25, 2017)

    Mute film poster Director
    Duncan Jones
    Alexander Skarsgard
    Paul Rudd
    Justin Theroux

    The director of the successful small sci-fi indie Moon now comes with a similarly short title, Mute, set in near-future Berlin about a mute bartenders is searching for a mute woman. ... Read more


    Blade Runner 2049 (Friday October 6, 2017)

    Blade Runner 2049 film poster Director
    Denis Villeneuve
    Ryan Gosling
    Ana de Armas
    Jared Leto

    For us this sequel is bigger than Star Wars. The cult film with Harrison Ford set in a dystopian futuristic postmodern version of earth returns after thirty years, now starring Ryan Gosling in the lead as a young LAPD officer. The director in charge is Dennis Villeneuve, an excellent director with titles like Prisoners and Arrival (Check out our best of the decade sci-fi's) to his name. ... Read more


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (25-04-2017, 120 minutes)
StarringChris Pratt, Karen Gillan & Zoe Saldana |
DirectorJames Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy )
Themesextraterrestial life, good versus evil, action, science fiction,
CountryUnited States
Keywordsentertaining, funny,

Best science fiction movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017

2010's best rated science fiction movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Arrival (11-11-2016, 116 minutes)
  2. French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario) first attempt at sci-fi, and what a great one! Now we really can't wait to see Blade Runner 2045.
    StarringAmy Adams, Jeremy Renner & Forest Whitaker
    DirectorDenis Villeneuve (Sicario & Prisoners)
    Similar moviesContact
    Themescommunication, extraterrestial life, alien, drama, science fiction,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsmysterious, smart,
    Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

  3. The Lobster (16-10-2015, 118 minutes)
  4. Greek arthouse director Yorgos Lanthimos returns with a very weird and intriguing dystopian film about a man (Colin Farell) who will be transformed into an animal unless he finds he a partner. Highly recommended!
    Starring Jacqueline Abrahams, Roger Ashton-Griffiths & Jessica Barden
    DirectorYorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, Alps & Kinetta)
    Similar moviesYouth & Dogtooth
    Themesanimals, dating, forest, comedy, romance, science fiction,
    CountryFrance Greece Ireland {Republic}
    Keywordsabsurd, hilarious,
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  5. Midnigth Special (12-02-2016, 118 minutes)
  6. Vagely remminiscent of Steven Spielbergs best work, Midnight Special tells the tale of a young boy with a supernatural gift being chased after by both the police and a religious cult. The film has it flaws, but in the hands of a gifted director like Nichols...
    StarringMichael Shannon, Joel Edgerton& Kirsten Dunst
    DirectorJeff Nichols (Mud & Take Shelter)
    Similar moviesContact
    Themesextraterrestial life, religion, drama, science fiction,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsclever, incomparable,
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  7. Ex Machina (24-04-2015, 108 minutes)
  8. A philosophical and visually overwhelming sci-fi flick about a young programmer who is asked to partake in an experiment with a scaringly human looking robot.
    StarringAlicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson & Oscar Isaac
    DirectorAlex Garland (Dredd, 28 Days Later & Sunshine)
    Similar moviesArtificial Intelligence & Her
    Themesfree will, identity, manipulation, psychological, science fiction, thriller,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsbrilliant, thought provoking,
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  9. I Origins (07-05-2014, 106 minutes)
    StarringMichael Pitt, Steven Yeun & Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
    DirectorMike Cahill (Another Earth, Boxers and Ballerinas & Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man)
    Similar moviesAnother Earth & Mr. Nobody
    Themesnature, science, spirituality, drama, science fiction,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsbelievable, dramatic, insightful, interesting,
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  11. In Your Eyes (20-04-2014, 106 minutes)
    StarringZoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David & Mark Feuerstein
    DirectorBrin Hill (Won't Back Down, Battle of the Year & Morning Breath)
    Themeslove, relationships, spirituality, romance, science fiction,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordspeculiar, romantic, smart,
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  13. Interstellar (07-11-2014, 169 minutes)
  14. Any Christopher Nolan project is obsessively monitored by film fans, and lately Nolan has proven himself increasingly interesting for sci-fi fans. He has always been keen on integrating sci-fi elements into his stories, but with Inception (2010, included on the list below) and now Interstellar he seems to be going all the way. In Interstellar the limitations of space travel are surpassed by making use of a newly discovered wormhole. A small group of explorers, among them Matthew McConaughey, will undertake this journey first.
    StarringMatthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway & Jessica Chastain
    DirectorChristopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises)
    Themesenvironment, survival, technology, adventure, drama, science fiction,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsadventurous, big, epic,
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  15. Comet (05-12-2014, 91 minutes)
    Starring Justin Long, Emmy Rossum & Kayla Servi
    DirectorSam Esmail (Mr Robot, Mockingbird & The Ghouly Boys)
    Themeslove, relationships, comedy, drama, romance,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsmysterious, romantic, strange,
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  17. Edge Of Tomorrow (06-06-2014, 113 minutes)
    StarringTom Cruise, Emily Blunt & Bill Paxton
    DirectorDoug Liman (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Ultimatum & The Bourne Supremacy )
    Themesextraterrestial life, resistance, warfare, action, adventure, science fiction,
    CountryUnited States
    Keywordsaction-packed, entertaining, repetitive,
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New science fiction movies out now

Best recent & upcoming science fiction movies with release dates.

Passengers by Morten Tyldum
Release date21-12-2016
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt & Michael Sheen
Previous releasesThe Imitation Game, Headhunters & Fallen Angels
Associated with adventure, science fiction,

High Life by Claire Denis

Art house queen Claire Denis will be making her very first English-language film after years of making disturbing but poetic European art house. Who could guess it would be a sci-fi space movie with Robert Patterson.

Release date2017
StarringRobert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette & Mia Goth
Previous releasesBastards, White Material &
Associated with space,

Star Wars Episode VII (18-12-2015, 136 minutes))
DirectorJ.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Super 8 & Armageddon )
StarringHarrison Ford, Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher
Similar moviesStar Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back & Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (
Themesgood versus evil, heroism, rebellion, resistance, action, adventure, fantasy,
CountryUnited States
Keywordsaction-packed, adventurous, epic, nostalgic,
Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix

The Martian (02-10-2015, 144 minutes))
DirectorRidley Scott (Alien, Prometheus & American Gangster)
StarringMatt Damon, Jessica Chastain & Kristen Wiig
Similar moviesInterstellar & Moon
Themesabandonment, isolation, science, adventure, drama, science fiction,
CountryUnited States
Keywordsadventurous, based on a novel, funny,
Buy/stream it Amazon / Netflix