Swedish TV Series

It seems like it never stops – quality Scandinavian series are being broadcasted all over the world. Here we pay attention to the great Swedish tv series, mainly in the area of crime series & (psychological) thriller tv shows. You can also buy them on DVD/Blu-ray or watch them online. 

Our older readers are probably already familiar with Swedish television through the great Swedish children series like Pippi Langstrump (Pippi Longstocking). There is however more to explore. Also the tv-series for grown-ups are worth it.Our hunt for the best Swedish tv-series is part of our more general investigation of the best European TV-Series per country.

Here we have selected the three best Swedish TV Series – indeed, all of them are crime/police related shows.We hope you will enjoy them. You can also buy them on DVD below.

Best Swedish Series – Top 3 TV shows from Sweden

1. Wallander (2004 -)

wallander - best swedish tv series

In our opinion the best Swedish Series. Based on the books of Henning Mankell. Wallander is a with a Golden Globe nominated police series. It follows the life and police work of homecide detective Kurt Wallander.It takes place in the city Ystad in the south of Sweden. Every episode Wallander leads the investigation in to a new murder/crime. During the seasons the characters also interestingly develop and there is a strong focus on their private life.

It is one of the most popular crime series of the last decade. It has been broadcasted all over Europe. There are 2 seasons. There has also been made a Wallander movie.. Unfortunately the charming Krister Henriksson (Wallander) is replaced by a new actor).

Trailer of Wallander. (of a random episode to give you an impression) – no english subtitles.


2. Beck (1997)

beck - best swedish tv series

Beck is yet another great Scandinavian tv-series.And indeed, also a police series. The main character Martin Beck, is a Swedish detective based on the famous books of Sjöwall and Wahlöö. We really like it and it has also been very popular in the European countries. The books have perhaps been even more popular.

This Swedish tv-series has had 4 seaons from 1998 onwards.


Here is a trailer someone created. (there is no official one)

3. The Bridge – Bron / Broen

the bridge - best swedish tv series

The Bridge (Bron /Broen) is like you can see from the two different titles, both a Swedish and a Danish tv-series. Just like the series is a collaboration between Denmark and Sweden, so is what happens in the storyline. The Swedish police forces and the Danish police forces are forced to work together to solve a murder. A body was found just in the middle of the bridge between Malmo and Sweden.

Here you can have a look for more information about The Bridge, as we have already discussed this detective show in the our Danish TV-Series section.

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For the new tv shows and seasons for 2013 – again two crime/thriller series – you can read more in New Swedish tv shows of 2013 on DVD/TV