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    Best Australian series – Top TV of Australia

    A list of the best series from down-under. Australian series have been broadcasted on television  all over the world. The very best Australian tv series are listed here. Some are currently in 2012/2013 still airing on tv, others have been out on DVD for quite a while now. From Australian new dramaseries, to detectives and children/teenager highschool series.

    New Australian Crime series - Rake 2012

    Best Australian Drama series on TV/DVD

    Rake 2010-2012 – Internationally acclaimed series about a criminal defense lawyer

    This Australian series, with the second season released in 2012, takes place in Australia and shows us the most disturbing criminal cases. The cases most other lawyers try hard to avoid are taken up by a lawyer whose  personal life and personality are also far from flawless. A great tv series without strong prejudice about good or bad people. They depict it as it is, the distinction is always blurry. It is being broadcasted in almost every western country.  – In Australia it is aired on ABC 1

    All Saints – medical drama series from the nineties upto 2009

    One of Australia’s most highest rated series. It is a rather long running series ending it’s final twelfth season in 2009.  It follows the lifes of nurses and doctors in a fictional hospital in Sydney.  In the first seasons there is a strong focus on the nurses, whereas in the later seasons  the emphasis shifts more to the doctors. All Saints also had popularity abroad, like the UK and Belgium.

    The Secret Life of Us  2001 -2006 

    During it’s four seaons this dramaseries has been awarded with a fair amount of awards.  It has a very strong cast, and although in my opinion not as impressive as Rake, it is nonetheless one of the best Australian tv series ever made.  It is highly relatable with recognizable characters and situations – interesting friendships and relationships. It can now be purchased as a  complete series DVD box set.

    Other very popular tv series from Australia – taking place in Australia

    Among Australian series there are also some comedy series and detectives that are rather enjoyable. Here a list of those, and of course more popular Drama series (like the extremely popular McCleod’s daughters). Also the popular

    Seachange (1998) – Drama & comedy series

    McCleod’s Daughters – Drama  series about the outback

    Blue heelers – Australian police & crime series

    Heart Break High – Cult highschool series from the nineties

    Share with us your thoughts on the best tv series!

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