Best new Vampire books in 2016

If you're into vampire stories here is a list of books that will keep you reading until the very last page. Whether your interest is in older Dracula type characters or modern day vampire romance, you can find the best vampire books here.
The Vore selects the top best Vampire books of 2016. Which modern authors can compete with Bram Stoker, Stephen King & Anne Rice in the Vampire genre?

Popular AuthorsJ.R. Ward, Patricia Briggs & Anne Bishop
Must-readsThe Moth Diaries, The Historian & Let The Right One In

10 new Vampire books 2016 top list

Recent Vampire books with reviews, ratings, similar books & download/buy links.

  1. Marked in Flesh (08-03-2016)
  2. Vampire author Anne Bishop

    AuthorAnne Bishop (Daughter of the Blood)
    Keywordsdark • easy-to-read • phenomenal •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksShadow Rites
    Goodreads Review4.35/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  3. The Beast (05-04-2016)
  4. Vampire author J.R. Ward

    AuthorJ.R. Ward (Dark Lover)
    Keywordsepic • romantic • triumphant •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksImmortals after dark
    Goodreads Review4.51/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  5. An Unattractive Vampire (15-03-2016)
  6. Vampire author Jim McDoniel

    AuthorJim McDoniel
    PublisherSword & Laser
    Keywordspeculiar •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksSingle White Vampire
    Goodreads Review4.13/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  7. Vampire Girl (02-04-2016)
  8. Vampire author Karpov Kinrade

    AuthorKarpov Kinrade (Court of Nightfall)
    PublisherDaring Books
    Keywordsentertaining • fun • romantic • scary •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksTwilight
    Goodreads Review4.17/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

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