Best new Action & Adventure books in 2016

Recently released books that will entertain and frighten you, from beginning to end. If you like to read action books, check this list with the best of them.
The Vore selects the top best Action & Adventure books of 2016. Which modern authors can compete with Ernest Hemingway, Rudyard Kipling & Jules Verne in the Action & Adventure genre?

Action & Adventure2020
Popular AuthorsClive Cussler, Tom Clancy & Wilbur Smith
Must-readsThe Bourne Identity, First to Kill & Dishonorable Intentions

10 new Action & Adventure books 2016 top list

Recent Action & Adventure books with reviews, ratings, similar books & download/buy links.

  1. Predator (24-03-2016)
  2. Action & Adventure author Wilbur Smith

    AuthorWilbur Smith (River God)
    Keywordsaction-packed • adventurous • entertaining •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Similar booksSahara by Clive Cussler
    Goodreads Review3.46/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  3. Cold Barrel Zero (29-03-2016)
  4. Action & Adventure author Matthew Quirk

    AuthorMatthew Quirk (The 500)
    PublisherMulholland Books
    Keywordsaction-packed • great • page-turner •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksSignal by Patrick Lee
    Goodreads Review3.74/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  5. The God's Eye View (02-02-2016)
  6. Action & Adventure author Barry Eisler

    AuthorBarry Eisler (A Clean Kill in Tokyo)
    PublisherThomas & Mercer
    Keywordsaddictive • page-turner • realistic • thrilling •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksBlack Blast by Mark Greany
    Goodreads Review3.91/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  7. The Gangster (01-03-2016)
  8. Action & Adventure author Clive Cussler

    AuthorClive Cussler (Inca Gold)
    PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
    Keywordscritically acclaimed • historical • violent •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksThe Outsider by S.E. Hinton
    Goodreads Review3.95/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

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