The most anticipated movies of 2017 that are not sequels or superhero movies

We are in the middle of evaluating all or our 2016 genre lists, but we can’t deny 2017 is just around the corner. In terms of Hollywood, it appears to be another year filled with superhero movies and blockbuster remakes & sequels. And then I mean really a crapload of sequels, it’s unbelievable –’s 21 most anticipated movie list consists entirely (save 1) of sequels (Star Wars, Alien, World War Z, Thor, Guardians of The Galaxy, and even classics like Blade Runner get a long awaited return etc). Not to say sequels are all bad, but we thought we will add some value by only looking at which originals may be among the best new movies of 2017.

This list will be updated throughout the year. As well as our more specific genre lists.


Christopher Nolan, the man who brought us mind-blowing sci-fi films like Interstellar, returns to earth, but goes for nothing less spectacular. Somewhere in the summer of 2017 you can expect this epic Second World War flick about the Dunkirk evacuation to hit cinema’s.