Best new South Korean TV Shows in 2024 & 2023 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & TV List)

List of the latest South Korean TV series in 2024 on tv and the best South Korean TV series of 2023 & the 2010's. Top South Korean TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now.

New South Korean TV series in 2024

Top series up for release in 2024

  • The Bequeathed

    CAST: Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon & Park Byung-eun
    A family has been gifted an entire mountain by their late uncle. The only problem is that they never knew they had such an uncle. The mountain also happens to be a burial ground and soon discovers there’s something far more sinister than buried bodies under the surface of this plot. Murder and mystery are soon revealed as this dark tale unfolds. This crime mystery TV series from South Korea with supernatural elements comes from director Min Hong-nam and screenwriter Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, The King of Pigs). The show stars the talents of Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon, Park Byeong-eun, Ryu Kyung-Soo, and Park Sung-Hoon. Watch the trailer of The Bequeathed

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  • Marry My Husband

    CREATOR: Shin Yoo-dam
    CAST: Park Min-young, Na In-woo & Lee Yi-kyung
    Ji-won has had an unfortunate life. Not only has her husband had an affair with her best friend, but she’s killed by him as well. Thankfully, she’s given a second chance to do her life over. She travels back in time ten years and undoes the damage that was done to her. But will she be able to commit to revenge in this strange scenario? This darkly comedic fantasy of revenge and affairs features a cast that includes the talents of Park Min-Young, Na In-woo, Song Ha-yoon, Ha Do-kwon, Lee Kwang-gi, Geu-rin Bae, Joong-hee Kim, Gong Min-jung, and Kyung Soon Jung. Watch the trailer of Marry My Husband

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  • Captivating the King

    CREATOR: Cho Nam-guk
    CAST: Cho Jung-seok, Shin Se-kyung & Lee Sin-young
    A dangerous love forms around the rocky political era of a monarchy. King Yi In is currently fighting for his right to the throne during a crisis of politics. Kang Hee-soo is a secret agent that is bound to take revenge to target King Yi In. A romance forms between them, forcing them to question what is most important in life. But will their love last or be crushed under the weight of the era? This historical romantic drama comes from director Nam-kook Jo (The Good Detective, Empire of Gold) and stars the talents of Jo Jung-Suk, Shin Se-Kyung, Lee Sin-young, Choi Dae-hoon, Jo Sung-ha, and Jung Suk-yong. Watch the trailer of Captivating the King

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Best South Korean TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ or DVD in 2024

2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 & the 2010's best rated South Korean TV series out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hulu).
  • Gyeongseong Creature

    CREATOR: Kang Eun-kyung
    CAST: Park Seo-jun, Han So-hee & Wi Ha-jun
    Before it was known as Seoul, the city was once referred to as Gyeongseong or “capital city.” During the spring of 1945, the city was under occupation of Japanese forces, changing the entire culture. Amid this ruling over Korea, two young adults make the strangest discovery when they happen upon a beast that was born from greed. As a vicious monster, it’s a creature that threatens their lives, forcing them to fight for survival during an already chaotic time in Korean history. Created by Kakao Entertainment and directed by Kang Eun-kyung, this thrilling historical drama stars Park Seo-joon, Han So-hee, Soo Hyun, Kim Hae-sook, Jo Han-chul, and Wi Ha-joon. Watch the trailer of Gyeongseong Creature

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  • Solo Leveling

    CAST: Taito Ban, Banjo Ginga & Daisuke Hirakawa
    Based on the South Korean web novel written by Chugong, Solo Leveling is a fantasy anime that takes place in a world of magical hunters. Skilled humans with magical powers use their abilities to battle all manner of deadly monsters. Sung Jinwoo is one of those hunters but is not as skilled as the rest of the hunters. That all changes when he learns the secret of the video game world he occupies and it granted an amazing ability to grow exceptionally powerful in a short amount of time. With his new strength, Sung Jinwoo aims to probe deeper into dungeons and fight the most vicious of creatures. The series comes from director Shunsuke Nakashige and screenwriter Noboru Kimura. Watch the trailer of Solo Leveling

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  • A Time Called You

    CREATOR: Kim Jin-won
    CAST: Ahn Hyo-Seop, Jeon Yeo-been & Kang Hoon
    Based on the Taiwanese television series Someday Or One Day, this South Korean adaptation follows the life of Jun-hee. Having endured the loss of her boyfriend, she is still grieving his death after a year. Her life then takes a strange turn when she becomes caught in a time warp that launches her into the year 1998 and places her inside the body of 18-year-old Min-ju. It’s a bizarre event but even more strange is that she is now attracted to a boy who looks remarkably like her old boyfriend. Can she find love again in such a weird situation? Directed by Kim Jin-won and with a script by Choi Hyo-bi, this sci-fi romance stars Ahn Hyo-seop, Jeon Yeo-been, and Kang Hoon. Read more

    Watch the trailer of A Time Called You

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  • Undercover

    CREATOR: Peter Moffat
    CAST: Jin-hee Ji, Kim Hyun-joo, Yoon-Kyoung Bae, Soon-bae Cha
    The National Security Planning Agency has been trying to keep the identity of agent Han Jeong-hyeon (Ji Jin-hee) a secret. At the same time, human rights lawyer Choi Yeon-soo (Kim Hyun-joo) finds herself as the new head of the justice agency. The two of them soon stumble onto a massive conspiracy of secrets and lies, debating just how to handle such case when the deck seems stacked against them both in this intense drama based on the BBC miniseries of the same name. Watch the trailer of Undercover

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  • Tell Me What You Saw

    CREATOR: Kim Hong-sun
    CAST: Jang Hyuk, Choi Soo-young & Jin Seo-yeon
    The Korean Suspense series "Tell Me What You Saw" tells the story of Oh Hyun Jae, a genius profiler for the police, and a detective with a photographic memory who are hunting for a serial killer in the streets of Korea. Watch the trailer of Tell Me What You Saw

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  • Itaewon Class

    CREATOR: Yoo Jae-myung
    CAST: Park Seo-jun, Kim Da-mi & Kwon Na-ra
    A restaurant is opened in Itaewon. But in order to achieve this dream, a group of friends, including an ex-prisoner have to face some tough competition. This Korean Netflix show is produced by Showbox. Watch the trailer of Itaewon Class

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  • Diary of a Prosecutor

    CREATOR: Park Yeon-seon
    CAST: Lee Sun-kyun, Jung Ryeo-won & Lee Sung-jae
    The daily lives of overworked prosecutors in the city of Jinyoung are filled with much drama. Lee Sun-woong (Lee Sun-kyun) serves as both the narrator of the story and a passionate prosecutor of Criminal Unit 2 with a wealthy background. Cha Myung-joo (Jung Ryeo-won) is seen as the more careless for choosing not to waste time on cases. Jo Min-ho (Lee Sung-jae) is one of the oldest prosecutors who is frustrated with his legal team. The series is based on an essay by Kim Woong. Watch the trailer of Diary of a Prosecutor

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  • Crash Landing on You

    CREATOR: Park Ji-eun
    CAST: Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin & Seo Ji-hye
    Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), a South Korean heiress, and Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin), a North Korean army officer form a star crossed romance. They meet each other when harsh winds force Yoon to crash land in North Korea. It is there that she meets Ri and he attempts to help her find her way back to South Korea. Along the way, however, a romance bloom that transcends country boundaries and differences in this popular Korean drama. Watch the trailer of Crash Landing on You

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  • Mr. Sunshine

    CREATOR: Lee Eung Bok
    CAST: Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri & Yoo Yeon-seok
    "Mr. Sunshine" aka "Miseuteo Shunshain" is a South Korean Action drama set in the early 1900's. It is about a US Marine who falls in love with the daughter of a Korean Aristocrat. Watch the trailer of Mr. Sunshine

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  • Memories of the Alhambra

    CAST: Hyun Bin, Park Shin-Hye & Park Chan-yeol
    This South Korean Netflix series is set in Granada Spain at the Alhambra Palace and it's about alternate realities and centers around an augmented reality game that distorts your perception of the world around you. Two Travelers meet there and find themselves in a remarkable situation. Watch the trailer of Memories of the Alhambra

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  • Longing Heart

    CAST: Seo Ji-Hoon
    A South Korean Rom Com about a man who meets himself from 10 years ago, and decides to change the past with his first lover. Watch the trailer of Longing Heart

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  • Kingdom

    CAST: Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong & Bae Doo-na
    A South-Korean zombie show about A crown prince who is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak, and finds the undead. After Train to Busan, South... Watch the trailer of Kingdom

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  • Radio Romance

    CAST: Do-Kyu Ahn
    Song Geurim is a radio program writer who isn't exactly talented in writing. She's got the passion, initiative, and drive, but due to her lack of writing skills, she still remains an assistant writer.... RATING: 77/100

    Watch the trailer of Radio Romance

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  • Punch

    CREATOR: Park Kyung-soo
    CAST: Kim Yoon-seok, Yoo Ah-in, Park Su-young
    A fairly complicated story about political powerplay in the Department of Justice in South Korea. A prosecutor who worked his way up as a chief of the anticorrupition investigation team, learns that he has a brain tumor and does not have a lot of time left. He chooses to clean his slate and does so by politically attacking a corrupt Public Prosecutor. RATING: 80/100

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  • Pinocchio

    CREATOR: Park Hye-ryun
    CAST: Jong-Suk Lee, Shin-Hye Park, Hee-Bong Byun, Kyung Jin
    The first episode of Pinocchio starts with the introduction of the 'Pinocchio syndrome' through a girl that hiccups whenever she tells a lie. Then, an explosion in a factory leads to an extensive media coverage and then is sensationalized when a body appears to be missing. The show centers around the missing body (which is still full of life) and a mother and daughter, who unknowingly stumble across the missed person. RATING: 83/100

    Watch the trailer of Pinocchio

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  • Saimdang, the Herstory

    CAST: Yeong-ae Lee, Seung-heon Song, Yoon Ah Oh, Da Hun Yun
    Through the discovery of the diary of Shin Saimdang, a historical Korean figure, a Korean art history unravels the mystery behind a famous painting. RATING: 89/100

    Watch the trailer of Saimdang, the Herstory

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  • All of us are Dead

    CREATOR: Chun Sung-il
    CAST: Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hu & Cho Yi-hyun
    A South Korean high school has just been turned from a place of education and teen angst into a hotbed for a horrific zombie outbreak. As the infection spreads, the students have no way to escape as they’re trapped inside with the many zombies, hungry for human meat. Will they be able to survive this dangerous situation or will they succumb to becoming dinner for the undead? This zombie survival series was created by Joo Dong-geun and stars Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In-soo. Read more

    Watch the trailer of All of us are Dead

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  • Again my Life

    CREATOR: Han Cheol-soo
    CAST: Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyung-young & Kim Ji-eun
    A young prosecutor attempts to bring a crime boss and corrupt politican to justice but is murdered during his attempt. But he is given a second chance when he is sent back in time to the point in his life when he was 18 years old. With a second chance at life, he uses this do-over opportunity to find a new way to pursue justice. Based on the animated series by Lee Hae-nal, this thrilling series stars Lee Joon-gi, Lee Geung-young, and Kim Ji-eun. Read more

    Watch the trailer of Again my Life

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  • Stove League

    CAST: Namkoong Min, Park Eun-bin & Park So-jin
    Baek Seung-Soo is the newly appointed general manager of professional baseball team, Dreams. The team ranks bottom of the league. Lee Se-Young is the operations manager of the team. She has so much... Read more

    Watch the trailer of Stove League

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The ‘K-drama’ genre is popular worldwide and the shows to choose from is huge. In North-America, Netflix included some K-Drama shows in its selection and online streaming sites like Hulu and DramaFever attract a vast audience. In terms of quality drama however, a decent K-Drama show is hard to find. A couple of shows are worth a try, though. Below you’ll find the two best K-Drama shows of the recent past.

South Korean drama, or K-drama, dates back to the 1960’s, but the modern conception of the deurama format (12-24 episodes per show) started somewhere in the 90’s and does not have a lot in common with television series produced in the western parts of the world. Indeed, it is something else. Most shows are kitschy to say the least. The style is defined by colorful and soft images, questionable screenplay, corny comedy and a way of acting that resembles Western soap operas. The dramas are usually produced with one director and one writer, and are broadcasted on two consecutive nights three times a week. Needless to say, K-Drama differs from the American and European ways of making television. The genre is popular worldwide though and the amount to choose from is huge. In North-America, Netflix included some K-Drama shows in its selection and online streaming sites like Hulu and DramaFever attract a vast audience. In terms of quality drama however, a decent K-Drama show is hard to find. Most shows don’t come near the quality of Western shows. Mostly, the shows don’t even try. As mentioned before, K-Drama has it’s own standard and obviously does not try to rival with channels like HBO and AMC. A couple of shows are worth a try, though. They may not be as interesting as South-Korean cinema is, but it might a refreshing experience for those who are in search for something completely different.