Best new Slovakian Movies (2017) - Top Netflix & Cinema

Slovakia’s film history might not be as rich as its neighbours’, but produced some pretty gripping movies along the way all the same. These are the essentials!
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best Slovakian movies of 2017 in cinema, DVD and Netflix. Are Marko Skop, Jonás Karásek & Martin Sulík Slovakia's biggest directors?

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Popular actorsEmília Vásáryová, Anikó Varga & Dusan Jamrich
Trending moviesKoza, Eva Nová & Krok do tmy

Anticipated 2017 Slovakian movies to watch

    Masaryk (Friday March 10, 2017)

    Masaryk film poster Director
    Julius Sevcík
    Gina Bramhill
    Karel Roden
    Arly Jover

    A Czecho-Slovakian co-production, this biopic tells the story of Jan Masaryk, a well-known Czechoslovakian diplomat who fled to America right before the Second World War broke out. ...Read more

Best Slovakian movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017 & 2016

2010's best rated Slovakian movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

    Kandidát (Tuesday October 1, 2013)

    Kandidát film poster Director
    Jonás Karásek
    Marek Majeský
    Monika Hilmerová
    Michal Kubovcík

    Based on a novel, the story underlies a dark humorous approach to show how wealth and power can determine the politics in a state as it highlights a campaign to turn a Mr. Nobody into the president of Slovakia. ...Read more

    Cigan (Thursday July 7, 2011)

    Cigan film poster Director
    Martin Sulík
    Miroslav Gulyas
    Miroslava Jarábeková
    Martina Kotlarova

    The story depicts a young responsible boy who assumes the responsibilities of his family after the death of his father, so he...Read more

    Krok do tmy (Thursday June 12, 2014)

    Krok do tmy film poster Director
    Miloslav Luther
    Kristýna Boková
    Slávka Daubnerová
    Miroslav Donutil

    A period drama that delves into the times of war where a young physician was forced to carry out an execution the shadow of which...Read more

    Zázrak (Thursday September 5, 2013)

    Zázrak film poster Director
    Juraj Lehotsky
    Michaela Bendulová
    Katarína Feldeková
    Ela Lehotská

    A young teenager is forced into a re-education center because she makes a mistake of falling in love but however she is not ready...Read more

    Môj pes Killer (Thursday April 11, 2013)

    Môj pes Killer film poster Director
    Mira Fornay
    Irena Bendová
    Patrik Czanik
    Ladislav Dirda

    The story highlights the facets of loneliness and companionship at the advent of youth; A young boy who has no family dedicates...Read more