Kiss of the Damned


Kiss of the Damned (2013)


Kiss of the Damned film poster Director
Xan Cassavetes
Joséphine de La Baume
Milo Ventimiglia
Roxane Mesquida
DJuna puts her whole vampire community into danger as she fails to resist to the temptations of Paolo's passions and falls helplessly in love with him. An unexpected visit from her sister brings along the danger to her love as well as her community.

Kiss of the Damned is directed by Xan Cassavetes and will premiere around Thursday March 28, 2013.

All release dates

Cinema Release DateThursday March 28, 2013
DVD Release dateTuesday July 23, 2013
Netflix DVD release dateTuesday July 23, 2013
Netflix release date for streamingTBA
Netflix streamingNot available

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