Best new Espionage/Spy books in 2016

Fictional espionage books, whether you like John le Carré or James Bond, a various selection of the most exciting stories about those who operate in the shadows.
The Vore selects the top best Espionage/Spy books of 2016. Which modern authors can compete with Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth & John le Carré in the Espionage/Spy genre?

Popular AuthorsPhilip Kerr, Paul Vidich & Joakim Zander
Must-readsThe Other Side of Silence, An Honorable Man & I Am Pilgrim

10 new Espionage/Spy books 2016 top list

Recent Espionage/Spy books with reviews, ratings, similar books & download/buy links.

  1. The Travelers (08-03-2016)
  2. Espionage/Spy author Chris Pavone

    AuthorChris Pavone (The Expats )
    Keywordsaction-packed • mysterious • remarkable •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksI Am Pilgrim
    Goodreads Review3.61/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  3. The Other Side of Silence (29-03-2016)
  4. Espionage/Spy author Philip Kerr

    AuthorPhilip Kerr (March Violets)
    PublisherMarian Wood Books/Putnam
    Keywordshistorical • shocking • thrilling •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Similar booksNight Soldiers by Alan Furst
    Goodreads Review4.04/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  5. Journey to Munich (29-03-2016)
  6. Espionage/Spy author Jacqueline Winspear

    AuthorJacqueline Winspear (Maisie Dobbs)
    Keywordsaddictive • entertaining • page-turner •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Similar booksA Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd
    Goodreads Review4.09/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  7. Real Tigers (19-01-2016)
  8. Espionage/Spy author Mick Herron

    AuthorMick Herron (Slow Horses)
    PublisherSoho Crime
    Keywordsadventurous • chilling • page-turner • powerful •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Similar booksTinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    Goodreads Review4.07/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

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