The culture of Estonia is created by painters like Kristjan Raud & Michel Sittow and writers like Tõnu Õnnepalu & A.H Tammsaare . And also filmmakers like Klaus Härö & Martti Helde and musicians like Arvo Pärt represent Estonia. - Here The Vore provides Estonia's cinema & theater prices and links to culture & language.

Language - words & meanings

The Estonian language is rather beautiful, but equally difficult. It resembles Finnish and Hungarian. Here a few words translated to give you an example.

book: raamat
bookshop: raamatukauplus
bookstore:  raamatukauplus

General information & average prices

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Price movie ticket $13
Price for a good theater ticket $58
Latest movies Risttuules (28-03-2014)
Nullpunkt (04-12-2014)
Tangerines (17-04-2015)
Kertu (11-10-2013)
A Lady in Paris (12-10-2012)

Recent Movies from Estonia
Famous people Carmen Kass
Elina Born
Elisabeth Erm
Karmen Pedaru
Stig Rästa
Tanel Leok