The culture of Slovakia is created by painters like Ivan Pavle & Jozef Murgaš and writers like Zuzka Zguriška & Martin Kukučín. And also filmmakers like Martin Sulík & Jonás Karásek and musicians like Marika Gombitová & Jozef Lupták represent Slovakia. - Here The Vore provides Slovakia's cinema & theater prices and links to culture & language.

Language - words & meanings

Slovak, spoken by about 5 million in the new nation of Slovakia (the eastern half of Czechoslovakia), and is very closely related to Czech. Here we have listed a few resources for learning the language with some vocabulary.

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General information & average prices

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Price movie ticket $8
Price for a good theater ticket $23.50
Latest movies Krok do tmy (12-06-2014)
Kandidát (10-2013)
Zázrak (05-09-2013)
Môj pes Killer (11-04-2013)
Cigan (07-07-2011)

Recent Movies from Slovakia
Famous people Adriana Sklenaříková
Miroslav Šatan
Marián Hossa
Timea Majorová
Daniela Hantuchová
Juraj Jakubisko