2018 in Film: the 15 best movies of the year

At the end of every year, one asks himself if this year in cinema was actually less interesting than the previous. For some reason it always feels that way, until you actually start digging in your memory, concluding that it definitely was a great year for cinema AGAIN. So here we go, a very diverse list of movies that we felt were the most daring, entertaining, visually striking or memorable in some other way. 

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(France, directed by Léa Mysius)

Thirteen-year old Ava is spending the summer with her frivolous mother at the French Atlantic coast. When a doctor tells her she will soon lose her sight, Ava is determined to make the most out of her last summer of being able to see. A colorful, anarchistic tale unfolds, which includes a big black dog, a gypsy boy and a healthy urge for sex and adventure.